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Post World War Two Combat Aircraft Series No 12

LTV A-7 Corsair II
Part 1 - The SLUF (Short Little Ugly Fellow) in US Navy Service


by Werner Münzenmaier





S u m m a r y

Title: LTV A-7 Corsair II
Part 1 - The SLUF (Short Little Ugly Fellow) in US Navy Service
by Werner Münzenmaier
ISBN: 978-3-935687-12-5
Media and Contents: Soft cover; 72 pages plus covers
Price: 17.95 Euros available from specialist book and hobby shops, or direct online from AirDOC Publications.
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Great concise history and excellent photographic documentation of the A-7 Corsair II in US Navy service
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by
Rodger Kelly

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For those not familiar with AirDOC, they are based in Germany and produce a vast range of high quality publications, decals and resin detail/conversion sets.

The subject of this review is No 12 in their Post World War II Combat Aircraft series and it covers the Ling-Temco-Vought A-7 Corsair II, the SLUF (the Short Little Ugly Fellow) in U.S. Navy service.

To me, the book is reminiscent of the old Detail and Scale’s Colour and Markings series. Whilst basically a picture book the text does describe the A-7 from its development stages in the early 1960s through to its retirement in the early 1990s and everything in between. The text is not in depth but it does give you an understanding of the entire life of the A-7 without being too technical. The text is in both English and German languages.

The book is in three parts, an introduction and an “in action” and a Desert Storm section. The introduction covers all versions of the A-7 from the –A through to the –E as well as the two-seat TA-7C and EA-7L. The “in action” section covers the operational history of the A-7 from Vietnam and up to the Gulf war with its Gulf War usage being covered in the final section.


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The real strength of the book is the photographic coverage and the illustrations. It provides you with 165 first class colour photographs of not only the aircraft but also the squadron patches of its operators. There are 19 illustrations by way of full colour side profiles in the main with a single full colour plan and profile views as well as a set of 1/72 scale side profile and plan-view drawings.

The book is soft back with thin card covers, A4 in size and comprises 72 Pages printed on high quality glossy paper.

AirDOC’s website lists the price at €17.95 or around USD$26.00 and AUS$29.00 which is excellent value for money as far as I am concerned.


Thanks to AirDOC Publications for the review sample

AirDOC Publications may be viewed and purchased online from their website

Review Copyright © 2007 by Rodger Kelly
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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