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Air Racing over Reno!
The Worlds Fastest Motorsport

by Phillip Handleman

Specialty Press



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Title, Description & Publisher: Air Racing over Reno!
The Worlds Fastest Motorsport
By Phillip Handleman
ISBN: 1-58007-112-0
Media: Soft Cover; 8 1/2" x 11" format; 128 pages. 135 color photos
Price: USD$24.95 available online from Specialty Press
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Great photographic record of Reno air races and the aircraft that participate
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Mick Evans

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“Air Racing Over Reno!” is a full colour glossy publication printed in 8 1/2" x 11" format.

This soft cover publication contains 128 pages of English text with a massive amount of stunning colour photographs of racing aircraft both airborne and on the tarmac. Some photographs of the early days of racing at Reno are included along with some text explaining the history.

Throughout the book there are many detail shots of the heavily modified Mustangs and Sea Furies along with some of the much smaller Formula 1 class aircraft. During the air racing shows there are many different aircraft visiting Reno including display teams such as the USAF Thunderbirds. The text outlines the rules of air racing and details some of the incredible speeds achieved by some of the aircraft.

This is a comprehensive and nicely illustrated publication which will be a welcome addition to the library collection of any Air Racing enthusiast, or modeller wanting good reference detail for modified air racing aircraft.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Specialty Press for the review sample

Review Copyright © 2007 by Mick Evans
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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