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Black Cross
Red Star
Volume 3

Everything for Stalingrad


Christer Bergstrom
Andrey Dikov
Vlad Antipov

illustrated by
Claes Sundin

Eagle Editions



S u m m a r y

ISBN: 0-9761034-4-3
Media and Contents: Hard cover; 280 pages plus covers; high quality glossy presentation in portrait 8.5 x11 format; 36 colour profiles; around 300 historical photos.
Price: USD$68.95 available online from Eagle Editions Website
Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: In-depth examination of the air war over the Eastern Front from July 1942 to November 1942; well researched; good narrative and analysis; around 300 black and white photos of people and aircraft; 36 attractive colour profiles by Claes Sundin.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended 

Reviewed by Brett Green




The third installment of the "Black Cross Red Star" series is sub-titled "Everything for Stalingrad". The focus is on the air war over the Eastern Front from July 1942 to November 1942. This was a pivotal time of teetering fortunes in the Second World War, not only in Russia but across the globe.

Despite continuing high losses, by mid-1942 the Soviet VVS was improving in terms of equipment and fighting spirit. Aircraft such as the Yak-7, La-5 and Il-2 Stormovik bolstered the VVS against the experience of the Luftwaffe. By the closing months of 1942, the previous German dominance of the skies was seriously challenged.

The quality of the content and presentation of this latest volume is consistent with the excellent earlier major works of Eagle Editions, and of the author Christer Bergstrom and his artist collaborator Claes Sundin. For this volume, Bergstrom is also joined by co-authors Andrey Dikov and Vlad Antipov.

The authors commence with a summary of the position of the Luftwaffe and the VVS after twelve months at war, followed by an account of the German 1942 summer offensive "Fall Blau", the turning point in the north at Leningrad and the long, ultimately decisive, action above Stalingrad..

The co-operation of pilots from both sides of the conflict lends a fascinating first-party authenticity to the text.

The book is generously illustrated with around 300 black and white photos. Claes Sundin teams up with the author again, presenting 36 very attractive colour profiles of Soviet and Luftwaffe fighters - almost a book's worth of illustrations here alone! A number of full colour photos are scattered throughout the body of the book, including some real beauties (the colour photos of the airfield on page 17 is especially impressive). The book is rounded out with four pages of maps documenting the various combat zones of 1942, plus comprehensive Appendices detailing VVS Order of Battle. Luftflotte 4 Order of Battle, Order of Battle for 8 VA and 102 IAD/PVO, Luftwaffe Losses, Luftwaffe Structure, VVS structure, Rank Equivalencies, Military Awards and chapter notes.

"Black Cross Red Star Volume 3 "is an beautifully packaged account of this critical period of the air war in Russia. The book should be considered essential reading to Luftwaffe and VVS buffs; while the 300+ photos and 36 profiles make this volume a valuable source of reference and inspiration to modellers.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample.

Black Cross Red Star 3 is available direct from Eagle Editions website or specialist bookstores



Review Copyright 2007 by Brett Green
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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