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Im Focus

Editions No. 11 & 12






S u m m a r y

Media and Contents: Soft cover; 48 pages plus covers;.
Price: Available online from Squadron
Volume 11 - USD$16.96
Volume 12 - USD$16.96

Price for German purchasers -
12.80 Euro (postage included) from Start-Verlag
14.80 Euro in Europe (outside Germany) or overseas incl. postage

Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: Great photo coverage across a broad range of subjects; helpful captions; well-presented format; includes rare colour photographs, emblems and maps plus colour profiles.
Recommendation: Recommended for Luftwaffe fans


Reviewed by Brett Green

Luftwaffe Im Focus is available online from Squadron.com




The tenth and eleventh editions of Luftwaffe Im Focus continues with this series' excellent photographic coverage of Luftwaffe subjects from the Second World War.

The books are presented in portrait A4 format, with a soft cover and 48 pages (plus covers). The paper is heavyweight and glossy. The publication is laid out attractively and professionally..

The uncluttered approach of the earlier Editions is carried on in the two latest volumes. Once again, photos are large and well reproduced, and mostly presented as two to a page. Subjects including various (and very interesting) Bf 109s, Bf 110s, Do 17, He 126, He 111s, Me 410s, Ju 88s and more packed between the covers. Most of the aircraft in these issues are pictured in operational settings.

Both books supplement their monochrome images with a number of rare colour photos. These are large and well reproduced considering their age. The colour profiles are, once again, of excellent quality, and a number of scrap view illustrations and maps are also included.

Full text and captions are both provided in German and English.  The captions are quite helpful, with details about units and locations where that information is available.

Specific content highlights of the two new Volumes are as follows:

Edition 11

  • Bf 109 F-4, ”yellow 1“ from Lt. Hermann Graf, 9./JG 52

  • Ju 88 C-6 from 5./NJG 200

  • Me 410 A-1 from 14./KG 2

  • Fw 190 from a Close Support Gruppe

  • Tails: Lt. Hans Ehlers, 3./JG 1, January 1944

  • Colour photos: tranfer to Italy, air to air shots from II./JG 53

  • Aircraft in Focus: The unknown aircraft of Walter Nowotny

  • Unknown emblem: Utility Flight from Air Fleet 4

  • The story behind the photo: ”Attack on the escort near the Bäreninsel“ in February 1945, the torpedo mission from
    KG 26 against convoy JW 64

  • Scenery: Emergency landing behind the front – back to own troops

  • Fate: Missing in action in area Ungheni-Florest-Balti, Hs 126 from 3.(H)/13

Edition 12

  • Aircraft in Focus: The "white 111" of Knight Cross holder Oblt Mertens, 1./JG 3

  • The story behind the photo: Killed by Naval Anti-Aircraft Fire,

  • Fateful Mission of KG 40 against a Convoy

  • Portrait: Ofw. Reinhard Aigen, KG 4 - The first mechanic with the Knight Cross

  • Scenery: Tobruk -Costly Ground Support, Heavy fighter low level attacks in North Africa

  • Fate: War Correspondent – High-Risk Mission

  • The story behind the photo: German Magnetic Mine Missions in the West from October 1939 to October 1940

  • Tails: Oblt. Erbo Graf von Kageneck, 9./JG 27

  • Colour photos: On the Eve of “Operation Mercury”

  • Personal Emblem: The “Panther” Emblem of Lt. Dold, 9./KG 51





Luftwaffe fans will find plenty of interesting photos and information in Luftwaffe Im Focus Editions No. 11 and 12.. The inclusion of profiles and the tie-in with decals are a welcome addition to an already attractive format.

Whether your interest lies in Luftwaffe fighters, bombers or other aircraft types, Luftwaffe Im Focus will have something for you!


Thanks to Start-Verlag for the review sample.

Luftwaffe Im Focus Edition Editions 11 and 12 are available online from Squadron
or the Start website

Review Copyright © 2007 by Brett Green
Images Copyright © 2007 by Luftfahrtverlag-Start (used with permission)
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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