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Spitfire LF Mk XVI E

Czech Master Resin, 1/72 scale


S u m m a r y

Item No. CMR No 169 Spitfire LF Mk XVI E
Contents and Media: 61 cream coloured resin parts, 62 PE parts on one fret, 2 vac-formed canopies, decals for 6 aircraft plus 10 A5 sized pages of instructions with 8 build drawings, 3 pages of paint/decal diagrams and 4 pages of black and white photos of Mk XVI E Spitfires.
Scale 1/72
Price: USD$49.49 available online from Squadron
£20.42 available online from Hannants
and specialist hobby outlets worldwide
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Beautifully cast resin, highly detailed and accurate, excellent decals by Tally-Ho and PE by Eduard, optional wings, bombs, cannons, exhausts and wheels.
Disadvantages: Not for beginners, the squeamish or PE haters.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended to experienced Spitfire lovers.


Reviewed by Glen Porter

CMR's 1/72 scale Spitfire LF XVI E is available online from Squadron.com




The Mk XVI Spitfire was indistinguishable from the Mk IX unless you consulted production lists with the serial number. The main difference was the Mk XVI used the Packard build Merlin and the Mk IX was fitted with a RR motor. I am told the Packard used metric dimensions necessitating different tools and therefore an effort was made not to issue both types to the same unit.

Most late-war Mk XVIs with the “E” wing had the cut-down fuselage, bubble canopy and clipped wings of the low level fighter which is the subject of this review.





All of the recent CMR kits are excellent but there are some variations. For instance, the Typhoon IB that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago had the majority of the cockpit interior in resin with just a few PE bits such as the instrument panel and seat belts, for extra detail. This Mk XVI, like Brett Green's Mk VII, has much less resin and the majority is in PE. This is good if you like or can handle PE but not so good if you're not fond of photo etch (like me!).


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


The Eduard PE fret in this kit is a generic set for the Mk IX/XVI Spitfires. The instrument panel and harness are pre coloured and the rest is in natural metal. Unfortunately, the Interior Green of the lower instrument panel does not match any of the “out of the bottle” colours on the market, yet much of the PE, side-walls etc. need to be painted in that shade. Brett's solution was to repaint the bulkhead below the instrument panel.


You get two complete “E” wings, one with the wheel bulges and one with-out. There are a full set of bombs, including racks (two for the wings and one for the centre line), inboard cannon stubs (flat fronted or bullet shaped), two different types of exhausts in resin and on the PE frat, four different wheel hubs including those for the Mk IX variant. Like Brett's Mk VII, you get optional props, complete including spinner or separate blades.

The canopy is supplied in vacform, and a spare is included.


Decals by Tally-Ho look incredible but I noticed some small markings where the register is not perfect, specifically the Polish red and white checks and Free French crosses. They cover six aircraft:

  • “A” is LF. MK. XVI E, TD240 of 302 Squadron, RAF (Polish), Germany, summer 1945 piloted be G/Cpt Alexander Gabszevicz

  • “B”, another LF. Mk. Xvi E, TB675 of 74 Squadron, RAF, 2nd TAF, early 1945

  • “C”, Mk. XVI E, TD338 of 345 Squadron, RAF (French), 1945

  • “D”, Mk. XVI E, TD231 of 350 Squadron, RAF (Belgian), Germany, summer 1945

  • “E” is TE382 from the Royal Hellenic Air Force, Tatio Airfield, August 1949

  • Last of all is RK840 of 322 Squadron RAF (Dutch) which crashed on 28/ 01/ 45, piloted by F/Sgt C. Kooy.



There is also, a separate sheet of stencils by Tally-Ho, with enough markings for two aircraft and a printed guide.




As Brett said in his recent build report, it seems as if CMR are going through the complete family of Spitfires.

You would have to be awfully rich to buy all of them, but every collection should have at least one.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to CMR for the review sample

CMR Models are available online from Hannants in the UK,
NKR Models in Australia and quality specialist model retailers worldwide.

Review Copyright © 2007 by Glen Porter
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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