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Trumpeter Preview

November 2007

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Trumpeter November 2007 PREVIEW


Max Shaw from JB Wholesalers in Australia has supplied a listing of Trumpeter kits due for delivery soon. Delivery dates elsewhere may vary:

Item No: 02237
Item Name: Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1a/U1
Scale: 1/32 Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length: 331.5mm Wingspan: 391mm
Total Plastic Parts: 415pcs
Metal Parts: Landing gear
Photo Etched Part: 1pc
Film Parts: Instrument part
Total Sprues: 12pcs
More Features: The kit consists of 374 parts in grey plastic with an additional 3 rubber
tires, 16 clear plastic parts for canopy, 3 metal for undercarriage struts, 1 film for
instrument panel,1 sheet PE parts for seat belt, exterior w/optional position flaps.
Paint Scheme: 10./NJG11, W.Nr.110635, RED11 & RED8



Item No.: 02274
Item Name: P-51 B Mustang
Scale: 1/32 Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length: 308mm Wingspan: 352.5mm
Total Parts: 356pcs
Photo Etched Parts: 1 pc.
Film Parts: 1 pc.
Total Sprues: 13pcs, 3 rubber tires
Paint Schemes
1) P-51B-5NA(NA.104) (43-6315),Ding Hao! Major Jim Howard,
CO of 356th FS/354th FG, January 1943
2) P-51B-15NA (43-24857), 90, Sweet Clara II, 319th FS/325th FG,
salvaged 7th September 1945
More Features: The kit consists of 322 parts in plastic with an additional 3 TPR tires,
17 clear plastic parts for canopy , one fretwork of etched part, clear fuselage edition
also available, well-detailed engine, engine accessory compartment, turbocharger
and inter cooler installations, plus all fuselage-mounted and normally completely
hidden ducting. open gun bays , ammo belts, optional position flaps, external fuel
tanks, rockets.

Item No.: 03451
Item Name: SOC-3 Seagull scout plane
Scale: 1/700 Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length: 14.33mm Wingspan: 16.6mm
Total Parts: 60pcs
Total Sprues: 6pcs
Paint Schemes: United States Navy, camouflaged in blue gray over light gray
More Features: 2 clear a/c each sprue, total 12 a/c



Item No.: 03906
Item Name: Tu-160 Black Jack Bomber
Scale 1:144 Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length: 375.76mm Wingspan: 386.8mm
Total Parts: 119pcs
Total Sprues: 4pcs sprues, lower and upper fuselage
Paint Schemes: Russian Air Force, Former Soviet Air force & Ukrainian Air Force
More Features: The kit consists of 110 parts in grey plastic, 7 clear plastic parts for
canopy, optional wingspan spread or swept.

Item No.: 05742
Item Name: USS New Orleans CA-32(1942)
Scale: 1/700 Static Warship
Model Brief: Length: 256.2mm Beam: 27.4mm
Total Parts: 304pcs
Total Sprues: 9pcs sprues, lower hull, upper hull, waterline plate
Paint Schemes: Wearing MS21 camouflage in 1942
More Features: Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected,
contains display stand, 10 clear parts in one sprue for 2 a/c SOC seaplanes.

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Thanks to Max Shaw from JB Wholesalers for the information

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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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