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Ultrasonic Cleaner





S u m m a r y

Details: Aoyue 9050 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Product Number: B51000CF
Contents and Media: 1 Ultrasonic Bath
Price: 29.99 available from www.cammett.co.uk
also 50ml Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Product Number: B51000UC Price 2.50
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Easy clean-up of parts, removes resin dust from panel lines quickly, degreases and removes release agents.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

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New from Cammett comes an Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath, perfect for a variety of jobs and many modelling applications. The concentrated cleaning solution works as a degreaser.

The Cleaning bath operates with two optional settings, 30 watt and 50 watt. Both settings run on a cycle of 90 seconds in which time the immersed piece is cleaned using the ultrasonic vibrations produced. To test this particular one, some resin wings from the Montex Boomerang project I am currently working on were used.

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After mixing the cleaning solution with 1 part solution 8 parts water, and turning the machine on to the 50 watt setting, a wing from the Boomerang was inserted. After sanding the surface and polishing it to a smooth finish there was a great deal of resin dust inside the panel lines which generally means allot of time spent scrubbing it out using a toothbrush. After 90 seconds in the bath all of the lines were cleared and any remaining release agent gone.



Multiple parts could be added to the bath at once should you need to do so, and just about any agent could be used in the tub, depending on what you were looking to clean. I imagine you could even pour Coke in it to clean coins, if you wanted to!

After my initial scepticism about the actual usefulness of an Ultrasonic Bath, I am now fully convinced about it's abilities, and I will be regularly using mine now to clean parts, along with a regular thorough cleaning of my airbrush, as the Ultrasonic cleaner will definitely get into parts of the airbrush that I wouldn't be able to myself.

Highly Recommended

Available from:

Cammett Ltd
Adlen House
United Kingdom
Phone: 01544 388514
Email: cammettco@btinternet.com
Web: www.cammett.co.uk

Text and Images Copyright 2007 by Jay Laverty
Page Created 25 October, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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