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Czech Master Resin's 1/72 scale
Spitfire Prototype K5054

by Mark Davies

Supermarine Spitfire Prototype K5054

Czech Master Resin's Supermarine Type 300 is available online from Squadron




This is my build of the Spitfire Prototype following its first paint application and presentation at the Hendon New Types Park on June 27th, 1936. I have always thought the prototype looked very smart in this livery, and distinctly more attractive than it did in the unpainted patchy green and yellow finish of its first flights. Here is my model of the CMR kit representing the aircraft at the time of its first flight for comparison:



The CMR Prototype builds as easily as all the other CMR Spitfires I have experienced. It is really no greater challenge than a good styrene kit to build, with the possible exception of the vac-form canopy which some people struggle a bit with (although CMR always supply two with their kits). The kit differs from other CMR Spits with a extended radiator and oil cooler housing, different carburettor air–scoop, flush exhausts, hinged undercarriage doors and tail skid, plus a choice of rounded or flat windscreen (both with a flat sliding canopy). This kit faithfully reflects the many filled panel lines to give the smooth finish of the real aircraft at this time.



As far as I am aware, no definitive answer exists as to the shade of grey or even possibly blue that the plane was painted in. It has been variously described as French Grey, blue grey, or a shade similar to Medium Sea Grey. I did read an interesting suggestion that Supermarine sought advice as to the best finish for high speed tests, and were told to use good quality gloss paint once panel joins etc had been filled with putty and smoothed. It went onto suggest that the most readily available paint to Supermarine that would fit this description would have been be the grey paint they used on their various flying boats. I settled on a bluish grey that seemed to match the shade of photos.

All in all this was a very enjoyable build with no problems at all. It makes an attractive companion to my in-flight prototype and other Spitfire models.


  • CMR 1/72 scale Spitfire Prototype K5054 by Mark Davies: Image
  • CMR 1/72 scale Spitfire Prototype K5054 by Mark Davies: Image
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Title image compiled by Brett Green
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