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WWI Pilot Figures

Alley Cat, 1/48 scale


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Catalogue No. and Description AC 481F - RFC Pilot
AC 482F - RNAS Pilot

AC 483F - French Pilot
Price: Each £5.50
Available online via A2Zee Models' website

or their Ebay Store
Contents and Media: Each set contains one resin figure
Scale: 1/48 scale
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent attention to detail, clean crisp casting, and well researched uniforms.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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Figure modellers don’t have a lot of choice when it comes to World War I pilots. Although the pickings are gradually increasing, there is plenty of room for new arrivals.

Alley Cat has come to the party with the recent release of three 1/48 scale figures.

Each comes with a separate head and arms so slight adjustment of these items during assembly is possible.

They are cast in resin and were found to be free of any flaws. The small amount of flash can be cleaned up with ease and separation from the pouring blocks is equally as simple.

Each product is sealed in a zip-lock bag and is packaged in a clear plastic case.

AC481F - RFC Pilot:

First cab off the rank is an RFC pilot (pictured at the top of the page) wearing a fur lined Sidcot suit. Especially well done are the sheep skin over-boots which are lined with wool and are of the full length type to cover the thighs.



Here they were held up by buttons and these are faithfully reproduced on the figure.

The helmet was also lined with fur and the gloves are representative of those with three “fingers”.

AC482F - RNAS Pilot:

This figure represents a RNAS pilot and his coat is of the particular type worn by the RN. It is made using fleece wool of a very heavy weave and also has an enhanced collar added for extra warmth.

The leather covered mittens again feature three “fingers” and his helmet is the RFC/RN full cowl Mk.1. He wears the typical RN trousers worn by officers and a pair of regular service shoes.

AC483F - French Pilot:

The officer’s “Bleu Azur” uniform is the choice of clothing displayed by this Frenchman. He comes complete with puttees and leather ankle boots and wears the usual French flying helmet.

As a bonus the manufacturers have provided an alternative head which reveals the “Roold” headgear. This was a thin metal shell that was covered in cork and fabric. It also had lengths of cloth down each side which were buttoned under the chin for a secure fit.

His clothing displays French pilot wings on the right chest and three medals on the left.

A choice of right arms is also supplied so that the figure can be displayed in a couple of ways. One is with a bent arm holding a cigarette; the other has the arm relaxed at his side.


  • Alley Cat 1/48 scale WWI Pilot Figures Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Alley Cat 1/48 scale WWI Pilot Figures Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Alley Cat 1/48 scale WWI Pilot Figures Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Alley Cat 1/48 scale WWI Pilot Figures Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • Alley Cat 1/48 scale WWI Pilot Figures Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
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The level of detail is excellent and clearly the attire has been well researched.

Sculpted by Jim Raynor, these figures make a welcome addition to the ever increasing range of World War I figures.

Highly Recommended


Thanks to A2Zee Models for the review sample

Alley Cat and FAA Models' accessories are available from A2Zee Models  website

or from their Ebay store http://www.stores.ebay.co.uk/a2zee-models

Review Text and Images Copyright 2008 by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 6 June, 2008
Last updated 6 June, 2008

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