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BAe Nimrod Weapons Bay

for the 1/72 scale Airfix Kit


Alley Cat, 1/72 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue No. and Description AC 72003C - BAe Nimrod Weapons Bay for Airfix Kit
Price: £13.50 available online via A2Zee Models' website
or their Ebay Store
Contents and Media: 13 parts in cream coloured resin; instructions
Scale: 1/72
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Well detailed; relatively simple installation; good instructions
Conclusion: A very noticeable improvement to this large and prominent area of Airfix's Nimrod kit


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Airfix's 1/72 scale BAe Nimrod is a large and impressive kit. To their credit, Airfix has provided separate weapons bay doors and a basic ordnance bay area.

Alley Cat has addressed the sparse detail of the Airfix kit's Weapons Bay with a resin replacement. This comprises 13 parts in light caramel coloured resin - front, mid and rear bulkheads, the main bay and nine hangar rails.

The large main bay is very nicely detailed with a combination of raised and recessed structural features, plumbing and electrical wiring all cast in place. This large casting comes almost ready to use.



The remaining parts should be simple to remove from their casting blocks and clean-up prior to installation.

Very little work is required preparing the kit for these resin parts. Just six small raised ribs must be sliced off the inside of the kit fuselage to permit the resin replacement to fit. The location of the hanger rails are clearly indicated in the main bay, and the front bulkhead attaches via a wide locating tab.

Alley Cat's 1/72 scale Nimrod Weapons Bay will represent a big improvement over the kit parts in a large and prominent area of the Airfix model.

Thanks to A2Zee Models for the review sample

Alley Cat and FAA Models' accessories are available from A2Zee Models  website

or from their Ebay store http://www.stores.ebay.co.uk/a2zee-models

Review Text and Images Copyright 2008 by Brett Green
Page Created 16 August, 2008
Last updated 16 August, 2008

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