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Sukhoi Su-27 Pilot

MasterCasters, 1/32 scale


Catalogue Number:

MST32024 Su-27 Pilot (seated)



Contents and Media:

Resin and photoetch with colour instruction sheet


GBP 8.95 from the Mastercasters Website

Review Type:

First Look and First Build


Well sculpted; excellent detail and casting


No instructions supplied with figure


A nice addition to Trumpeter's 1/32 scale Su-27

Reviewed by John "Tigger" Wilkes

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When MasterCaster's 1/32 scale Su-27 Pilot was announced, I could immediately see that it was designed to go into a Trumpeter Flanker. The pose was a little odd however with some imagination the modeller can see where the figure would fit, with his left arm on the canopy sill and right hand on top of the instrument panel. This makes his quite a useable figure instead of the mundane figures we often see sat in cockpits staring ahead. This figure is not designed to be used alone and there is a ground crew man who is designed to go with him. Together they will certainly look the part on the side of the big Flanker.

I have to admit to having had this figure for some time before I finally finished painting him. This was in part to me being busy and also I couldn’t find any good reference until an email to Jay at MasterCasters and he pointed me in the direction of a superb site dedicated to the uniforms of Soviet pilots along with all of their flight gear, just what I needed. With a quick trawl around the site at    http://www.redpilot.com/index-eng.html  

I quickly found what I was after and set about painting again. I had almost finished him but after consulting the site I found additional detail and some that contradicted what I had previously done.

Once again the figure is sculpted by Jim Raynor and the casting is done in a soft light resin.


  • MasterCasters' 1/32 scale Su-27 Pilot Review by John Wilkes: Image
  • MasterCasters' 1/32 scale Su-27 Pilot Review by John Wilkes: Image
  • MasterCasters' 1/32 scale Su-27 Pilot Review by John Wilkes: Image
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The detail on the figures uniform is tremendous and well cast. I was a little unsure of the placement of the oxygen hose as in the kit as supplied it is straight. I found that by gently heating the resin over a candle I could bend it to fit where I wanted it to go. After a few minutes of fiddling I had it where I wanted it.  I then, simply super glued it in place.

Mastercasters web site shows him sitting in an Aries cockpit however I didn’t have that one and in order to get him to fit the Black Box cockpit I needed to do a little trimming.

As before, no instructions are provided but with the use of the web site here you should find enough reference to satisfy your needs.

Once again thank you to Mastercasters for tackling such dynamically posed figures. The figures retail for £8.95 through the MasterCasters website or any stockists of MasterCasters products.


Text and Images Copyright 2008 by John "Tigger" Wilkes
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Last updated 10 March, 2008

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