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Ju 87 Stuka & Ki-61 Tony
Exhausts, Wheels, Propellers


MasterCasters, 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number, Description and Price

MasterCasters MST32014 - Ju 87 Stuka Paddle Blade Props and Jumo Exhaust MasterCasters MST32032 - Ki-61 Tony Exhausts, Wheels and Scissor Links

Scale: 1/32

MST32014 - £ 9.95 + Shipping and Handling
MST32032 -
£ 9.50 + Shipping and Handling
Both available online from MasterCasters' website

Contents and Media: Pale yellow resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent detail and casting; simple cleanup and assembly; worthwhile donor kits.
Conclusion: High quality finishing touches for two excellent kits.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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MasterCasters has been busy with a new batch of resin releases, including two for recent Hasegawa 1/32 scale kits:

MST32014 - Ju 87 Stuka Paddle Blade Props & Exhaust

(pictured at the top of the page)

This is a perfectly cast set replacing the propeller blades and exhaust stacks in Hasegawa's 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 87 D and G Stuka kits.

Detail is excellent. The exhausts feature hollow ends, and each stack features the raised Jumo casting mark.

The new propeller blades have the locating pin cast in place, making alignment a very simple matter.


MST32032 - Ki-61 Tony Exhausts, Wheels & Scissor Links



Once again, this set for Hasegawa's 1/32 scale Tony kits is flawlessly cast and will require only minimal cleanup before installation.

In this case, MasterCasters supplies replacement wheels with crisp hub detail and subtle flattening; plus exhausts with hollowed-out ends and weld beads (don't sand these raised lines off - they are supposed to be there!), and new oleo scissors with open lightening holes for the main undercarriage legs.

Both of these sets will add a luxurious finishing touch to these two excellent Hasegawa kits.

Thanks to Jay Laverty from MasterCasters for the samples

Text and Images Copyright 2008 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 28 August, 2008
Last updated 28 August, 2008

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