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Master Class Clinic #2

"Aircraft Series: Advanced Aviation Modeling with Resin, Photo-Etch and Vacform Canopies"



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Publication and Title Details: Master Class Clinic #2 - "Aircraft Series: Advanced Aviation Modeling with Resin, Photo-Etch and Vacform Canopies"
Media: 2 x DVDs with around 3.5 hours of content; resin headrest for ARII/Otaki/ERTL/Airfix Corsair.
Price: USD$49.95 direct from Master Class Model Building Videos
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High quality production; comprehensive coverage of the specific techniques; lots of handy general modelling tips; easy to use menu; accessible presentation style.
Conclusion: A great way to actually see the use of common and advanced techniques for using multi-media parts at the elbow of a master modeller


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Floyd Werner will be well known to most of HyperScale's regular visitors through his online articles as a talented and prolific modeller. Floyd has already appeared in Master Class Model Building Video's first production, "Building the Bf 109 G-6 in 1/32 Scale", and the subsequent specialist title "Natural Metal Finishes".

The newest title picks up where the first DVD in the Master Class Clinic series left off, covering more advanced techniques that will be relevant to a wide range of aircraft models. The title is Master Class Clinic #2 - "Aircraft Series: Advanced Aviation Modeling with Resin, Photo-Etch and Vacform Canopies".

In our rapidly evolving hobby, there are many more opportunities to employ multi-media parts such as resin and photo-etch. We have a burgeoning after-market industry, limited-run kits of interesting and unique subjects, and even mainstream model manufacturers who occasionally include multi-media parts.

Floyd Werner demonstrates the skils required to prepare, handle and install these parts in almost real time.

I believe that the very best way to learn how to build a model is to watch a talented modeller at work, then try to emulate what that modeller does. The practical limitation is that not many modellers have the patience and inclination to let you watch them ply their craft, and who would explain what they are doing and why through every step of the way.

The Master Class Clinic #2, however, offers exactly this service. Being a DVD, you can also review and repeat any section that you feel that you need to see again.

One of the things that I especially like about this series is that you see the work in progress, warts and all. On more than one occasion, things go slightly awry (for example, a recalcitrant lap harness that just does not want to stay in place). These problems are not editied out, but resolved in the way that any modeller would have to deal with a persistent problem. This adds to the realism and usefulness of the DVD.

Floyd's personal style is natural and quite disarming at times (a useful skill for a real-life Police Officer I suppose). He takes a realistic approach to the typical modellers' skills and attitudes, at one time quipping "I know you're a guy. You don't want to read intructions but believe me, it helps"!

Technically, the DVD's are very well presented. The video and audio are high quality, and the menu is easy to use - you can skip to any area of interest with the press of a button on your remote control. Floyd's presentation style is clear and quite accessible. In total, the two DVDs include around 3.5 hours of content.

The Master Class Clinic #2 DVDs step through the following specific techniques:

Disk 1

  • Intro

  • P.E. Seatbelts

  • P.E. Tools and Basics (Bending and Gluing)

  • Annealing

  • Rolling P.E.

  • Complex Bending and Fitting (Bf-109G Canopy)

  • Vacuform Tools

  • Cutting Vacuform Canopies (F4U-1A Corsair)

  • Cutting Injected Canopies (F4U-1A Corsair)

  • Attaching Vacuform Canopies (AH-1G Cobra)

Disk 2

  • Resin Tools and Basics (F-100)

  • Airframe Modifications (AH-1G Cobra)

  • Chain - Drilling

  • Using Epoxy Putty

  • Fixing Pinholes

  • Putting It All Together (F4U-1A Corsair)

  • Resin Wheels

  • Basic Scratchbuilding

  • P.E. Instrument Panel

  • Making It All Fit (Modifying Resin and Kit Parts)

As a unique bonus, the package also includes a small resin headrest for the ARII / Otaki 1/48 scale F4U-1 Corsair kit so you can start practising these techniques straight away.





Master Class Clinic #2 is an excellent description of the processes required to use multi-media parts on your aircraft models.

Whether you are new to the hobby, or have a specific requirements for using resin, photo-etch and vacform parts, or are interested in seeing a fellow modeller at work, this is a worthwhile resource to have in your modelling library.

Thanks to Master Class Model Building Videos for the review sample.

DVDs in this series are available online from Master Class Model Building Videos' website

Review Copyright 2008 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 26 September, 2008
Last updated 26 September, 2008

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