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Military Aircraft of the 1970s

Compiled By Gerry Manning

Midland Publications


S u m m a r y

Publisher's details and Title Military Aircraft of the 1970s
ISBN: 151857802634
Media: Soft Cover; 144 pages plus covers
Price: GBP19.95 from Ian Allan Publishing
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Great compilation of photos
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Ken Bowes




The 1970s was is an interesting era for fans of military aviation. This period saw a crossing over as designs originating in the 1950s were withdrawn from service and newer types began to fill out the inventories of Western air forces. As such there was as much chance of seeing a Meteor as a brand new Eagle at an airfield in Britain or the US.





This book from Midland Counties is a follow-up to the 2006 book Military Aircraft of the 1960s. In this book Gerry Manning has compiled a selection of photographs of various mainstream and esoteric types (think Bristol Britannia or Blackburn Beverly) seen at air shows and bases in Europe and North America . The photos have been drawn from the personal collections of a number of prolific aircraft spotters and authors and as such have largely never been seen before. There are many images of NATO Starfighters, RAF, RN and USAF Phantoms and other less well known aircraft.


The book itself averages two to three full colour images per page. In total it is a slick package of useful images, all with detailed captions adding to their reference volume.


This volume is of very high quality and a worthy investment for modelling reference. The book will serve both history buffs and modellers well.  





As this is effectively Volume Two, I have high hopes for future books in this series.


Highly Recommended.

Thanks to DLS Publishing for the review sample

Review Copyright 2008 by Ken Bowes
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Last updated 1 April, 2008

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