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On-Target Spotlight 2
Blackburn Buccaneer

Aviation Workshop






Model Alliance has provided the following images and information about the next book in their "On Target Special" series:

On Target Spotlight 2
Blackburn Buccaneer
A comprehensive study of the aircraft, its history and operators


  1. Introduction & Development
  2. Buccaneer Operators
  3. Buccaneer at War
  4. Special Colour Schemes
  5. Scale Plans
  6. Buccaneer in detail (walkround)

Size: 100 Pages

Price: £18.50 GBP

Release Date: 15-16 November 2008 (Officially launched at Scale Model World, The International Centre, Telford)

There can be few better subjects to continue the Spotlight series than the utterly iconic Blackburn Buccaneer. This rugged and stable low-level strike platform was very much respected by the crews that operated it and has earned its place in aviation history. This much anticipated publication features all of the first-class elements incorporated in to Spotlight 1, plus a few extras, and is a fascinating study of the truly unique aircraft. A superbly crafted and informative book - this is an essential for any Buccaneer fan or aviation enthusiast.


  • On Target Spotlight 2 "Blackburn Buccaneer" PREVIEW: Image
  • On Target Spotlight 2 "Blackburn Buccaneer" PREVIEW: Image
  • On Target Spotlight 2 "Blackburn Buccaneer" PREVIEW: Image
  • On Target Spotlight 2 "Blackburn Buccaneer" PREVIEW: Image
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The Blackburn (Hawker-Siddeley) Buccaneer has secured its place as one of the all-time classic British combat aircraft of the Post World War Two era. It enjoyed a long and illustrious career with the British Fleet Air Arm and South African Air Force prior to its somewhat controversial introduction to service with the Royal Air Force in the wake of the cancellation of the TSR.2 project. An aircraft that lived up in every way to its early promise as a highly capable low-level bomber, it became highly popular with aircrew and enthusiasts alike and has been the subject of several books over the last twenty-five years. This, the second in the Spotlight Series, is not an attempt to emulate the redeeming qualities of previous titles on the subject. Its principal aim is to build on the qualities of the first of the Spotlight series and provide the aviation enthusiast, aircraft historian and scale aircraft modeller with a valuable and complimentary source of reference material on the Blackburn Buccaneer, the last all-British bomber aircraft to be built.

Thanks to Model Alliance for the information and images

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