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Siebel Si 204

by Radek Vavrina 


S u m m a r y



Media and Contents:

116 pages in A4 format and soft cover with 58 pages of plans, 50 pages of detailed technical drawings and a DVD of 766 colour photos.



Review Type:



Magnificent set of detailed plans and tech drawings. Excellent DVD with detail photos




KP produced a decent kit of the Siebel 204. Modellers now have a one stop resource to detail it.

Reviewed by Peter Mitchell

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So, have you ever thought about building a Siebel 204 or its Czech civilian equivalent, the Aero C-3/103?


Are you looking for that comprehensive reference that will help you do it?


Well, look no further, because this is the book for you!


Actually if you wanted to build/restore a full sized Siebel 204 you would more than likely find everything you needed in this book, it’s that detailed.


Personally, I’ve always thought the Siebel 204 was a good looking and attractive aeroplane, even if it does resemble the progeny of a Ju 188 and a FW 189. Then again, I like quirky things.

The Siebel Si 204 was a small twin-engined transport and school aircraft originally conceived as a small passenger plane for German Lufthansa. With 2 crew and provision for 8 passengers it found a variety of roles within the Luftwaffe, from squadron hack to transport and communications squadrons and ferrying personal and senior officers and also with some advanced flying schools.

Production stared at the Siebel plant in Halle, however due to Siebels commitment to producing the Junkers Ju 88 under license, production shifted to SNCAN in France and Aero in the Czech Protectorate

After the war, the production of Si 204 continued in both Czechoslovakia and France, the French product may be distinguished by its three-blade propellers.

Many examples of this aircraft still exist today.





Radek Vavrina of R.V.Resin has produced the first of what is planned to be a series of publications detailing specific aircraft, variant by variant.

If this, the first in the series, is a taste of those to follow, then the modeling world will be spoilt for reference resources.

Produced in a soft cover A4 format, this publication gives a thorough history and description of the different Siebel 204 variants.

This is then followed by a comprehensive set of scale drawings in both 1/72 and 1/48, again these detail the difference in variants.

The final part of the book contains technical drawings for various section of the Siebel 204 such as internal structure, landing gear and cockpit controls.

As if all this information were not enough, we are also provided with a DVD containing over 700 high quality digital photos of details of existing Si 204s; including what I assume to be the restored example in the Kbely museum in Prague.

If there is to be any criticism of this volume, it is a very minor one; some of the English is a bit “clunky” and would bear some improved editing (and really who am I talk on this issue). The text is still easily comprehended and very informative.

Volumes planned for the future include: the Gloster Meteor, Ju 88-388 and Avia S-199.





Even though this volume details a slightly obscure/non-mainstream type, it admirably fills a void in information for modellers of this aircraft and, as such I feel will prove to be an invaluable resource.


Thanks to Albatros Productions for the review sample

Review Copyright 2008 by Radek Vavrina
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Last updated 17 September, 2008

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