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VX-30 Bloodhounds

Fightertown Decals, 1/48 scale


Catalogue Number:

Fightertown Decals FTD48-019 - VX-30 Bloodhounds



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


USD$16.00 available online from Fightertown Decals

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Comprehensive sheet; unique subjects; outstanding support material; sheet packed with markings.




Great decal sheets with lots of colorful colorful options

Reviewed by James Kelly

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Navy Test and Evaluation Squadron 30 (VX-30) has been represented only sporadically until now.

Sharing a sheet of decals with VMFA-225 on TwoBobs’ sheet #48-163. and a Superscale sheet (#48-1197) with VFA-83, they have been under-represented in the scale modeling world. With one of the most intimidating squadron logos, and some of the most eye-catching schemes, modelers of modern Naval Aviation subjects have been left largely out in the cold with regards to having a Bloodhound or three in their kennel.
Enter up-and-coming decal manufacturer Fightertown Decals. Unafraid of putting out sheets that others have either overlooked or shied away from, and building on previous successes, they’ve stepped up to answer the needs of modelers wanting to add the Bloodhounds to their collection.


  • VX-30 Bloodhounds Decal Review by James Kelly: Image
  • VX-30 Bloodhounds Decal Review by James Kelly: Image
  • VX-30 Bloodhounds Decal Review by James Kelly: Image
  • VX-30 Bloodhounds Decal Review by James Kelly: Image
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Like several other decal manufacturers, Fightertown has numerous contacts in the comm.unity their products focus on; in this case, Naval Aviation (like, there’s any other kind?). OK, those Air Force guys are pretty tight, too! My point is this: their subjects are painstakingly researched, and every detail is reproduced.
 Included with this package are:

Decals for the following jets:

  • Bloodhound 100 F/A-18A BuNo. 163122

  • Bloodhound 101 F/A-18A BuNo. 162455

  • Bloodhound 102 F/A-18A BuNo. 163130

  • Bloodhound 200 F/A-18B BuNo. 163115

  • Bloodhound 203 F/A-18B BuNo. 161740

Separate sheet of formational “slime” lights.

Two-View color profile references for each of the above-mentioned jets, as well as topside/bottom views.

Numerous reference points for each aircraft.

Federal Standard paint color callouts for each aircraft.

One set of walkway decals.

One set of data plate decals.

Mission-specific loadout information.

Landing gear data plate reference photos.

Aftermarket accessory list.

Brief history/mission-specific profile of VX-30.  

The decals, printed by Microscale, are in perfect register throughout.  Fightertown Decals has continued their commitment to excellence with this release. By releasing this sheet, they have provided the modeler with several options for modeling an important Aviation subject. Highly recommended without reservation.


Review Copyright 2008 by James Kelly
This Page Created on 24 September, 2008
Last updated 24 September, 2008

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