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F-4D Phantom II



Hi-Decal, 1/48 scale



Catalogue Number:

Hi -Decal 48-025 (72-055) - F-4D Phantom II


1/48 (also available in 1/72 scale)

Contents and Media:

One A5 decal sheet with additional "stars & bars" and Texas tail markings on a smaller supplementary sheet and an A3 size, b&w colour scheme and decal placement guide.



Review Type:



Beautifully printed, thin decals covering some out-of-the-ordinary F-4Ds.


No stenciling provided


Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Darren Mottram

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This latest sheet from Hi-Decal provides markings for Six (seven if you include one depicted at different times) F-4Ds in four colour schemes in service with the US Air National Guard, US Air Force Reserve (AFRES), Republic Of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and the Imperial / Islamic Iranian Air Force (IRIAF / IIAF).

The aircraft covered are;

  • F-4D 67-14884 / 3-316 of the IIAF in the standard Asia Minor scheme.

  • F-4D 67-14884 / 3-6712 of the IRIAF in the standard Asia Minor scheme.

  • F-4D 66-8798 of the ROKAF in the "Cloud Grey" scheme.

  • F-4D 66-8802 of the Texas AFRES in the "Cloud Grey" scheme.

  • F-4D 65-0801 of the Texas Air National Guard in the "Euro One" scheme.

  • F-4D 66-0271 of the Kansas ANG in the "Euro One" scheme.

  • F-4D 66-7751 of the Florida AFRES in the "Flipper"(?) three tone grey scheme.

Once again Hi-Decal have produced a sheet which offers he modeller some out-of-the-ordinary options for their kits. Apart from the Iranian airframes, other unusual schemes include the unusual "cloud grey" scheme which seems to have been a unique variation of the more usual "Egypt 1" scheme where the upper, dark grey was applied in a semi-diruptive "cloud" pattern across the fuselage and upper wings and was unique (in US service) to the 704th TFS of the Texas ANG, based at Bergstrom. An interesting variation on this scheme is an aircraft, originally from the same unit, after transfer to the ROKAF, still wearing the "Cloud Grey" scheme but with full colour ROKAF insignia and markings (this particular jet is also depicted with an underwing TDU-10B (DART) towed aerial target fitted under the left wing).


  • Hi-Decal 1/48 scale F-4D Phantom II Review by Darren Mottram: Image
  • Hi-Decal 1/48 scale F-4D Phantom II Review by Darren Mottram: Image
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Whilst not an unusual scheme as such, F-4D 65-0801 of the Texas Air National Guard is interesting in that aircraft from this unit are more commonly associated with either the original, glossy, air defence grey or the latter "Egypt 1" two or three tone grey schemes. To see the unit's stylised red, white and blue Texan flag sprawled across the fin of a jet in the dark, "Euro One" scheme makes for a very interesting variation. This particular Airframe is also a Mig Killer and wears a red star on the port intake splitter plate.

F-4D 66-0271 of the Kansas ANG (Jayhawks) is also a Mig Killer with two red stars on both intake splitter plates. This aircraft is also depicted with the name "SCAT" on the lower left of the nose which was applied in honour of a visit to the unit by Brig Gen Robin Olds where he flew this particular aircraft. Markings are also provided for the travel pod which was also specially painted and carried on this occasion.

The highlight for me though has to be F-4D 66-7751 of the Florida AFRES in the "Flipper"(?) three tone grey scheme which consists of pale, medium and dark greys applied in the standard pattern of the wrap-around SEA or "Euro One" camouflage schemes. This is quite possibly the most unique camouflage scheme of them all. In fact, the only place I have ever seen a photograph of it is in "F-4 Phantom IIs of the USAF Reserve and Air National Guard" by Don Logan and published by Schiffer (as credited in the references of the sheet). The photographer being Frank McCurdy. I have been fortunate enough to correspond with Mr McCurdy on several matters, including this particular aircraft, and he mentioned that it was one of two that he saw at the time (early 1984) but that he was only able to get the one photograph of this one. I am (so far) unaware of any other photos of this or any other jet in this unusual colour scheme (I have to admit though that I am not sure where the term "Flipper" has originated from).

The paint schemes, decal placements and a very brief history for each aircraft are provided, in black and white, on a large, double sided A3 sheet. Acknowledgments, recommended kits and accessories and suggested references are also listed as well as a colour table with recommended equivalent colours (or mixes where required) for the Humbrol and Model Master ranges of paints. Information is also provided for the style of stenciling used on each of the schemes but, unfortunately, these will have to be purchased separately (Hi-Decal have these in their range as well).

The decals themselves look very thin, crisp and appear to be in perfect register on my sheet.

The only real down side I can see is the need to have to buy extra sheets for the stenciling on these schemes.





Once again, Hi-Decal have produced a high quality sheet sheet which gives modellers some welcome, added variety to do some of the less well known but certainly more interesting schemes on their Haegawa or Monogram F-4D kits.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Hi-Decal for the review sample

Hi-Decal decals are available direct from the manufacturer, Diego@HiDecal.

Review Copyright 2008 by Darren Mottram
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