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Zlin Z-326 Trenér Master

AZ Model, 1/72 scale

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AZ Model  AZCZ14 Zlin Z-326 Trenér Master



Contents & Media

19 x grey styrene, 8 x cream resin, 1x photo-etch (PE) fret, 2 x vac-form canopies and decals for four subjects


Available online from Hannants for £8.72 and Modelimex for €9.75

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First Look


A rare and unusual subject, with generally simple construction and good detail levels for the scale


The PE parts described as oleo links are probably part of the lap belts. Some regard limited run production techniques to be a disadvantage.


A great little kit of an interesting and attractive subject.


Reviewed by Mark Davies

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According to Wikipedia:“Zlin Trener is a family of aircraft that was based on a basic training aircraft, the Z-26. The original Z-26 was designed in late 1940s and produced in early 1950s by the Czechoslovakian company, Moravan Otrokovice ” It goes on to list numerous versions from the Z-26 to Z-726. It seems the Z-326 introduced an electrically operated undercarriage.

AZ Model is produced by Legato of the Czech Republic. Legato will be known to some for their range of sometimes unusual and rare subjects in resin kit form.  AZ Models have recently been prolific with new releases mainly consisting of inter-war types and Czech light aircraft.





This kit consists of a quite cleanly moulded sprue of limited run parts for the airframe. Two propellers are included, the one with the spinner applying to this version. Surface detail is a nice combination of raised surfaces where required, with recessed panel lines that are quite fine. Typically for this type of kit there are no locating lugs; but who needs them anyway?


  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Zlin Z-326 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Zlin Z-326 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Zlin Z-326 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Zlin Z-326 Review by Mark Davies: Image
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The engine cowl is nicely cast in resin with very delicate piano hinges and exhausts. The cowl features a different style of louvers to the box-art, but having  seen some photos of real 326’s it seems the resin is correct and the box-art wrong. The remaining resin parts cater for the wheels, seats, cockpit floor and backing for the two instrument panels. The resin parts are on what look to be very easily removable casting blocks.



A small PE fret provides seat belts, aileron linkages, and an instrument panel complete with photo-film for instruments. According to the instruction Part #5 (x4) are oleo links; but whereas these are drawn in the expected manner in the instructions as two tapered sections joining at a narrow centre point to be folded at an angle, they are in fact four shapes more akin to the broad seat belt parts that spread the load of a narrower belt tightened across the pilot’s lap. Again photos of real Z-326’s suggest these PE parts are not oleo links, as they look nothing like them. So I suggest your scratch-build your oleo links and us the PE parts with lap belts on this or another model.

Two vac-form canopies are supplied. They are generally well formed and should prove simple to fit.
Decals are for what is I believe is the Czechoslovakian Air Force plus West German, British and Finish civil schemes round the package out. A couple of these are very attractive graphically. The decals look to be well registered with good colour density.



The aircraft history is in Czech only. The instruction sheet has a parts map, and the assembly diagram is concise and quite adequate for the task. Interior colour call-outs are in Czech. The need for the modeller to use stretched sprue, fine rod or wire for undercarriage leg braces is indicated.

The resin and PE parts each have their own zip-lock bag and the all parts and decals are sealed in a larger zip-lock bag. The box has nice artwork on the front and coloured painting guide on the back with decal locations indicated. Colour call-outs are in English, but these are generic (i.e. dark sea-blue, red etc).

I recommend this kit to light aircraft fans, or anyone who wants an attractive and different subject in their collection.



Thanks to Legato  / AZ Models for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2008 by Mark Davies
Page Created 27 November, 2008
Last updated 27 November, 2008

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