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Revell 1/32 scale conversion
Junkers Ju 88 C-2

Part Two - Painting and Finishing

by Rev John McIllmurray

Junkers Ju 88 C-2 Night Fighter

Revell's 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 88 A-1 is available online from Squadron


Painting and Markings



Painting was straightforward with the model being first primed in Gunze Sanyo Mr Surfacer 1200 followed by Xtracolor RAF Night Black to represent the RLM 22.


After minimal filling and sanding the model was treated to that most excellent of products – Mr Surfaces 1200 – my favourite primer for a smooth decal friendly finish! After this two tins of Xtracolor RAF Night Black – excuse the irony – were emptied followed by highlighting with Xtracolor RLM 75 Grey.


The panel lines were highlighted with Xtracolor RLM 75 Grey before this was toned down with yet another coat of black.



With the model nice and glossy it was ready to receive a mix of AIMS and kit decals. Sadly the black fills of the national markings are denser than the black paint used but more tragic was my belief that my unit badge design needed to have been printed a little bigger for this aircraft but much, much bigger if someone was modelling an even earlier example from Holland.


My hope of the dinghy compartment breaking up the colour was not disappointed but I wish I could get that gold anodised look correct – the Revell Gold paint just doesn’t do it – help Alclad!


Stencilling was kept to a bare minimum as these aircraft arrived at their units in RLM 65/70/71 and I do not know how careful the unit painters were in re-applying all the walkway markings etc? After a bit of distressing with Humbrol Dark Earth for a bit of wear and tear in a desert environment two coats of Xtracolor matt varnish finished the project save the addition of those more fragile items latter on.


I love the closing stages of cockpit modelling and a Ju 88 C-2 is certainly a busy cockpit although it most probably had the standard pilot seat armour surround common at the time rather than just a bear seat. I was so glad I designed those cockpit decals.


A crew entry ladder and scratch built dinghy hatch cover go well with the highlighted panels to make this model far from boring in such a livery.




I enjoyed every minute of this build and whilst not perfect the model tells a story. Now then with a standard camouflaged A-1F and a black fighter I better call it a day after a desert camouflaged A-4 bomber one day in the future hopefully?



Junkers Ju 88 in action Part 2 – Squadron Signal publications
Junkers Ju 88 vol 3 – Kagero
Junkers Ju 88 vol 2 – Trojca
Junkers Ju 88 – The Crowood Press
Die Deutsche Luftwaffe Eine
Bilddokumentation der Luftwaafe von
1935-1945 Zerstorer – und
Nachjagdverbande Teil 2 - VDM


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    The replacement window looks much better and more accurate – note also that the majority of these early C-2s and C-4s had side armour on the right side of the forward canopy only. You may also not the lack of extra antenna wires travelling down from the mast to the sides of the canopy – these warbirds had plain masts without attachment points for extra wires.
  • Image
    The very last thing I attempted was a crew entry ladder using lengths of 0.5mm Evergreen rod and some fabric for the dirt shield at the top.
  • Image
    With the model upside down you can see the crew ladder just resting on the edge of the gondola – perhaps I should have made it longer than 60mm?
  • Image
    If you don’t add the push and pull rods that operate the rear gear bay doors their absence will be noticeable.
  • Image
    These fuel stains were done using a cotton bud and some white spirit whilst the matt varnish was still drying.
  • Image
    Had to take this pic right at the very end as before this I had completely forgotten to add the dinghy lanyard, which was made using Aeroclub nylon thread, painted Khaki.
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