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Romanian Pilot Figure
Alexandru Serbanescu

RB Productions, 54mm


Catalogue Number:

RB Productions RB-F32001: Alexandru Serbanescu figure

€12.50 available online from RB Productions' website


54mm (1/32 scale)

Contents and Media:

Five parts in grey resin plus one photo-etched fret

Review Type:

First Look


High standard of sculpting; perfect casting; simple parts breakdown; excellent instructions with plenty of reference; photo-etched parts offer a very high level of additional detail; will probably pass muster as another Romanian pilot.




An authentic and highly detailed pilot figure for a pretty specific use.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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RB Productions has released its first figure, a 54mm pilot. Specifically, this is Romanian fighter ace Alexandru ?erb?nescu, photographed in this pose on the occasion of being awarded the Mihai Viteazul orde in 1943r, the highest military honour bestowed by Romania.

More information may be found by following this link.

The figure is beautifully sculpted and my sample is perfectly cast.



The figure itself is broken down into five parts - body with legs cast in place, two arms, a head and a holstered pistol. A photo-etched fret supplies some beautiful additional detail including rank insignia and separate medals.

The instructions are a treat. They are printed on two sides of A4 paper and include not only the assembly sequence (which is simple enough), but a potted history of the pilot himself, with photos of the actual award ceremony plus colour images of various insignia and awards. Good stuff.



Just about the only downside is that the figure's application as a diorama accessory is limited to one very specific subject. However, the execution of the resin and photo-etch is nice enough to justify as a standalone project.

Thanks to RB Productions for the sample
The painted figure in the title photo was built and painted by Dave Maddox

Text Copyright © 2009 by Brett Green
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Last updated 18 June, 2009

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