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British Rigging Solution

RB Productions, 1/32 scale


Catalogue Number:

RB Productions 1:32 scale British Rigging Solution
RB-P32011      9/32” BSF wire
RB-P32012      ¼” BSF wire
RB-P32013      Terminals

all available online from RB Productions' website


1/32 scale

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See details and images below.

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First Look


Interesting use of photo-etched technology, well defined parts, sensible packaging.




A system that provides one solution for the dilemma of replicating RAF streamlined wires and their termination points on large scale British WWI aircraft.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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The recent spate of 1:32 releases has been welcomed with open arms by WWI aircraft enthusiasts.
A couple of these eagerly awaited subjects were the SE5a, and Bristol Fighter from Wingnut Wings.

Modeller’s are always looking for a high level of realism in this scale and rigging is a big part of this. Unfortunately not all the wires used on these aircraft were circular in cross-section. This presents a problem if your favourite rigging material is nylon thread or regular wire.

To help in this area RB Productions have offered the following solution.

They supply 3 products which consist of the two sizes of RAF wire and the terminals to go with it. The British Standard Specification BSS6WS (streamline wires) for 9/32” BSF wires was 0.404” (10.26mm) in width and 0.101” (2.56mm) in thickness. Dimensions for the ¼” BSF wire required a width of 0.348” (8.84mm) and a thickness of 0.087” (2.20mm).



These are presented on separate frets and consist of 25 lengths of wire for RB-P32011 and 28 lengths for RB-P32012. They measure 20cm on their photo etched frame and come secured to a strip of cardboard to minimize the chance of damage.

Two types of terminal are also provided, these being of the “flexible” and “straight” variety. There are 50 of the former and 56 of the latter so one shouldn’t run short here. The nuts are separate items and will require very careful handling as they must locate themselves between the wire and your pre-folded terminal.



The accompanying instructions are comprehensible regarding the use of the parts, although the product is clearly aimed at the more experienced modeller. This should not stop others from giving it a try as a few practice runs will reveal the simplicity of the operation.

Overall a very interesting system and one that deserves a try.


  • RB Productions 1/32 scale British Rigging Solution Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • RB Productions 1/32 scale British Rigging Solution Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
  • RB Productions 1/32 scale British Rigging Solution Review by Rob Baumgartner: Image
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Thanks to RB Productions for the sample

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