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Early Ju 88s in the MTO

AIMS Decals, 1/32 scale



Catalogue Number:

AIMS Decals Item No. AIMS 32D003 - Early Ju 88s in the MTO



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus colour instructions


GBP £8.00 available online from AIMS' website (Paypal accepted)

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Fascinating subject choices; good quality instructions; perfectly printed; associated resin accessories and conversions also available from AIMS




A great way to customise your big beautiful Revell Ju 88.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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AIMS Decals has traditionally focused on 1/72 scale. Now, however, they have branched out into 1/32 scale. This is AIMS' third decal release for the Revell 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 88 A-1 kit.

Not content to simply provide decal options for the Ju 88 A-1 as supplied in the box, AIMS has covered some interesting variants including the A-5, A-5F, C-2, C-4 and D-2.


  • AIMS 1/32 scale Early Ju 88s in the MTO Decal Review by Brett Green: Image
  • AIMS 1/32 scale Early Ju 88s in the MTO Decal Review by Brett Green: Image
  • AIMS 1/32 scale Early Ju 88s in the MTO Decal Review by Brett Green: Image
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Although the conversion parts are not supplied with the decal sheet, they are available separately from AIMS. (Hey John, a nice set of resin exhaust shrouds would be nice too!)

The specific marking options are as follows:

  1. Ju 88 C-2 or 4, R4+AC 'Pastuschka' 1./NJG 2

  2. Ju 88 C-2, R4+FH 'Bonsch' 1./NJG 2

  3. Ju 88 C-2 or 4, R4+HK 'Sommer' 2./NJG 2

  4. Ju 88 C-2 or 4, R4+WK 2./NJG 2

  5. Ju 88 C-2, R4+DL 'Koster' 3./NJG 2

  6. Ju 88 C-2 or 4, R4+FL 3./NJG 2

  7. Ju 88 C-2 or 4, R4+GL 'Bussman' 3./NJG 2

  8. Ju 88 C-2 or 4, R4+IL 3./NJG 2. All of these C-2s and C-4s are black painted night fighters with grey codes. Individual letters are outlined in either yellow or grey, lending some interesting variety to these aircraft. All feature the Englandblitz badge, and many have areas of overpainting, kill marks and/or partial white fuselage bands. These are great looking machines, in my opinion

  9. Ju 88 A-5, 7A+NH 1. (F)/121

  10. Ju 88 A-5, 4D+AR 'Hermann' 7./KG 30

  11. Ju 88 A-5, 4D+DR 7./KG 30. These three Ju 88 A-5s are finished in standard 70/71/65 splinter camouflage, wearing the KG 30 nose badge and full white theatre bands. Individual letters are white.

  12. Ju 88 A-5F or D-2, 4D+MR 7./KG 30. This final machine is probably painted overall 65, or possibly 76 upper surfaces and 65 lower surfaces. Some sources claim that this aircraft was finished in RLM 79 Desert Tan over RLM 65 or 78. The choice is yours!

Instructions are supplied on two double-sided A4 sheets. All twelve side profiles are accompanied by a useful text description. There are no upper or lower plan views, but there is not much of interest to see from these angles.

The decals are beautifully printed by Cartograf. Carrier film is thin and the markings are in perfect register.

AIMS' 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 88 decals offer twelve fascinating options for early Ju 88 variants. This product is a great way to customise your big, beautiful Revell Junkers.

Thanks to AIMS for the samples

AIMS' decals, kits and accessories are available online from AIMS website

Text and Images Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
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Last updated 3 June, 2009

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