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Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-1/2 Jabo

AZ Model, 1/72 scale

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AZ Model Kit Number AZ 7266 - Fw 190 A-1/2 Jabo



Contents & Media

42 mid grey plastic parts on one sprue, 2 clear injection moulded plastic parts on one sprue, 2 resin parts, 1 30mm length of steel rod, decals for three aircraft plus a 4 page A5 sized instruction booklet with history, parts plan, 11 build diagrams and a stencil placement guide. Paint/decal guide is on the box rear.


Available on-line from Hannants for £13.90 and Modelimex for €12.61

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First Look


This is the only very early Fw 190 on the market. It has some improvements over the original Sword moulding from a few years ago and is very accurate and detailed. Excellent clear parts, resin and decals.


There is some question over what mark of aircraft can be made from this kit with out modification. Some flash clean-up required. Not for beginners.


Although this is a short-run kit, with a bit of extra work, it will build into a model as accurate and attractive as the best on the market.


Reviewed by Glen Porter

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Any modeller with an interest in the Luftwaffe will be aware of the problems faced by the Fw-190s at the beginning of their career. What with engine over-heating, fires and panels coming adrift whilst in flight, their build-up program was almost canceled. However, the potential of the aircraft was proved, being superior to the Spitfire Mk. V in every respect except turning circle. They survived to become one of the best single engined fighters of the Second World War and led to the superb but immature Ta-152.



This kit by AZ Models, originally released by Sword several years ago, is from that painful period in their history.





There are three different kits which all have the same plastic and resin with only the decals and box-art being at odds. AZ 7265 is the A-0 version, AZ 7266 for A-1/2 Jabo and AZ 7267 is A-1 (Aces). This kit, AZ 7266 A-1/2 Jabo can only in fact be built, out of the box, as an A-1. Forget the A-2 Jabo. I will come back to this later.


  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-0 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-0 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-0 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-0 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-0 Review by Mark Davies: Image
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As released by Sword, apart from its high level of accuracy in shape and details for an A-1, it had several features that I had never seen before in a 1/72nd scale Fw-190. A reasonable resin cockpit, separate landing flaps but best of all, a one-piece resin wheel well that will give you that see-through look that even Hasegawa doesn't give you let alone Revell. Tamiya did, but you had to cut the inner doors out to get the effect. Sword did, however, make one minor mistake. They included a pair of hydraulic rams as U/C actuators. The Fw-190 did not have any hydraulics, everything was electric.



In the AZ kit, this has been corrected. They've taken out the rams and added a pair of “V” shaped electric items that are better than Hasagawa's and equal to Tamiya and Revell. This is not the only change they've made. In the Sword kit, the ailerons were moulded on to the upper wing halves. In this one they are separate although I'm not sure if they will be positionable.

You can build an A-0 from this and the other two kits as well. The asymmetric blisters, correct for the A-1, are moulded on to the cowling but a pair of symmetric ones for the A-0 are on the sprue. Problem is, you will have to carve the A-1s off without destroying the piano hinges above and below. Also on the sprue is the shorter and rounder spinner for the A-0.

Now, this A-2 Jabo problem. The A-0 and A-1 both had MG 17s fitted to the wing roots. When the A-2 was introduced, it had MG 151 20 mm cannons in the roots. This caused a blister to be added to the gun cover which is not present on this model. All of my references except one don't mention the ETC501 bomb rack until the A-3. One says the A-2 MAY have been able to have it fitted but they had seen no photos with it on. This is not conclusive I know, but I believe it is correct. However, if a modeller wanted to fit the rack anyway, be aware that you wont be able to fit the inner gear doors and this will make the main gear doors wrong.

The two-piece canopy in the Sword kit was well shaped and very thin but it was a little cloudy. The one in this kit is from the same mould but is very clear.



Decals look very good with excellent register, colour density and minimum carrier film. There are markings for three aircraft plus a full set of stencils.



The first is from the Jabo Staffel of JG-2, blue 6+chevron- in the standard three grey scheme with yellow rudder and panel under the nose, black or possibly RLM 70 spinner. It has nose artwork of a fox with a ship in its mouth. Next is black 5+ from an unidentified unit in the three greys scheme, black and white segmented spinner and a small badge of a bomb in a crossbow on the nose. Last is Black 6+ from the same unit and in the same colours but with a black spinner with a white spiral. None of the three have serials and all carry the bomb rack and inner gear doors.





This is a short-run kit and as such will require some cleanup on most parts, however it is very accurate for an A-0 or A-1 if not for an A-2 or Jabo.

Likewise, the decals, although very well done, are a bit iffy an I would be inclined not to use them on this kit.

Nonetheless, with the extra work, this could be a very attractive build, the equal to any other Fw-190 kits on the market.

Thanks to Legato  / AZ Models for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2009 by Glen Porter
Page Created 2 August, 2009
Last updated 2 August, 2009

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