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Stinson OY-2 “In Korea”

AZ Model, 1/72 scale

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AZ Model Kit Number AZ7275 - Stinson OY-2 “In Korea”



Contents & Media

39 x grey styrene airframe parts, 4 x clear styrene canopy parts, and decals for three subjects


Available on-line from Hannants for £15.99 and Modelimex for €14.29

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First Look


Straightforward assembly and very delicate surface detail.


Propeller would benefit from refinement.


An attractive subject. Some easy refinements will lift the finished results.


Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The Stinson Aircraft was purchased by Consolidated-Vultee to build Vengeance dive-bombers and the O-49 Vigilant. An existing Stinson light aircraft design called the Model 105 Voyager was suitable to meet a USAAF light observation role. The military derivative of the Model 105 was to be known as the O-62 or OY-2 in USN service, and an initial contract for 275 was issued.



The O-62 had a widened fuselage compared to the Model 105 and accommodated military radios. It was widely used in observation, liaison and artillery spotting roles in most WW2 theatres, and the Korean War. Operators included the USAAF/USAF, USMC, USN, RAF, RAAF, and the Swiss, Nationalist Chinese, Philippine and Italian Air Forces.





The AZ Model kit consists of a quite crisply moulded limited run parts on a single sprue. Two canopy styles s are provided, and each consists of two acceptably clear styrene halves. Surface detail is commendably fine, and should add to the delicate look befitting models of light aircraft. All parts and decals come sealed in a cellophane bag.

Adequate detail for the cockpit interior is supplied as a series of tubular frame structures, a floor, seats with seat belts moulded in (PE would have been nicer), instrument panel and joystick.


  • AZ Model 1/72 scale OY-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale OY-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale OY-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale OY-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
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I was a bit unconvinced by the two-blade fixed-pitch propeller, as it looks rather thick and lacks any pitch washout towards the tips. To be fair, this is often the case with many 1/72 kits, especially limited run ones. None the less, this aspect would befit from some careful paring down and gentle sanding to add a level of refinement missing in the kit part. Another simple improvement would be to open the engine cowl where it vents to the fuselage underside just ahead of the undercarriage. The simplicity of the kit’s tooling means that this area is solid, and could just be painted black if you don’t want to make a couple of quick cuts and do a bit or paring and filing.

Typically for this type of kit, other than the wing to canopy join, there are no locating lugs, but I do not see this as a problem.

The most challenging constructional aspect, and one by no means unique to this kit, will be the high-wing layout. So some care and probable jigging will be needed here. Another area needing care will be the joining of the canopy halves, as only a very thin canopy rail hides the join. Of course some type of water-based white glue could be used, but strength is also needed for this join as the wings are attached to the canopy sides. So particular care in application will be needed if styrene cement or super-glue is selected for strength in this area.



The decals look to be well registered with good colour density. They are for three aircraft. Two are USMC machines wearing Dark Blue, Olive Drab over Neutral Gray, and the third is an Aluminium USAAF machine.



The brief aircraft history is in English. The instruction sheet has a parts map, and the assembly diagram quite adequate for the task. Generic colour call-outs are in English for detail painting in the instructions, whilst the rear box art caters for the external finish. AZ Model also offers a ”Special Marking” boxing of this kit featuring markings for USAAF, RAAF, Swiss, Italian and Chinese schemes.





This kit is a welcome arrival of an attractive light aircraft, and will no doubt find a place with those who like light aircraft.

Thanks to Legato  / AZ Models for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2009 by Mark Davies
Page Created 10 June, 2009
Last updated 9 June, 2009

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