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F-4 Phantom
Seats and Wheels

Eduard "Brassin", 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y

Desxription, Catalogue Number and Price:

Eduard Brassin Item No:

“Brassin” 632002 F-4B/J/N/S seat

“Brassin” 648 015 F-4S wheels

Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: Resin, colour photo-etched and self-adhesive masks
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Superb level of detail with flawless casting; sensible location of the removable casting plugs; additional photo-etched parts for embellishment; good colour registration on the p-e frets.
Conclusion: These releases provide an easy way for the modeller to improve the detail on their favourite Phantom without the need for major surgery. Each item is a one-for-one replacement of its plastic counterpart and the substitution is simplicity itself.

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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Eduard Brassin kit # 632 002 F-4B/J/N/S seat

The cockpit of a jet is a veritable magnet for inquisitive eyes, even more so when it’s in 1/32nd scale.  Tamiya’s Phantoms have been around for a while now and a couple of items that can benefit from some extra detailing are the “bang seats”.

Modeller’s who build US Navy F-4s will welcome this set as it contains a vastly improved version of the Martin Baker MK.7 H7AF. Naturally 2 seats are catered for and we get a duplicate set of resin and photo-etched parts to accomplish this.

The latter item is printed in colour on two different frets (both sides!), and the registration is excellent. There are a lot of very small parts here so take extra care when removing them.  Also included is a stencil for the “caution” and “lift here” warnings.

As expected, the casting of the resin components is first class with fine detail and a flawless finish.  There was some minor breakage however but the parts are easy enough to glue back together.

A couple of A5 sheets of paper give you a good indication where everything should go, although the fastidious will seek out further information regarding the exact placement of some items.


Eduard Brassin kit # 648 015 F-4S wheels 

The Phantom theme continues but this time it’s the Hasegawa kit that takes the spotlight. Again it’s a US Navy variant that’s used, in this case the F-4S.

The equivalent plastic items are always missing out when it comes to depth of detail. These items rectify this. The casting is so good that one can even read the Goodyear “advertising” on the side walls.

Some modellers will raise an eyebrow at the rather “square-ish” profile of the main wheel tires so check your references to see if this shape is relevant to your chosen subject.

A small sheet of “paper” masking material is provided for the tires which a thoughtful addition to help in the painting process. Another bonus is a set of wheel chocks which will add a nice touch to any diorama.


  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
  • F-4 Phantom II Wheels and Seats: Image
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All of the above are packaged to prevent damage in transit, although the odd accident will occur. The resin is protected by a piece of foam and the contents are sandwiched between two halves of tough clear plastic.

The detail incorporated into these castings is impressive and those items that require embellishment have the advantage of photo-etched parts.

With the addition of these releases, the modeller can’t help getting a superior result with very minimal effort.

Thanks to Eduard for the sample

Review Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 12 November, 2010
Last updated 12 November, 2010

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