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Seat Belts

RB Productions, 1/32 scale


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RB Productions 1:32 scale Seat Belts

RB-P32016 1/32 scale Sutton QK Harness
RB-P32017 1/32 scale Sutton A Harness
RB-P32018 1/32 German WWI Seat Belts

all available online from RB Productions' website


1/32 scale

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See details and images below.

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First Look


Intelligent use of paper and photo-etched parts; instructions that make it clear where every item should go; very easy to construct, even if you’ve had limited experience in p-e.




These would have to be the ultimate solution in the quest for realistic seatbelts and harnesses. By mimicking the way that the original items were made, we have a tantalising replica that will enhance any cockpit.

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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A good looking set of seatbelts is paramount for large scale cockpits.

With the increased level of detail found on today’s kits, accessories must be of a high standard to match. The following three releases from RB Productions are just that. They raise the bar for items of this kind:


RB-P32016 1/32 scale Sutton QK Harness

These are suitable for most British-made/RAF aircraft used during WWII. Subjects such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquitoes, and Typhoons etc are all willing recipients of this harness.



As with all of these products, the straps are pre-cut on a backing paper that can be carefully peeled off with the aid of modelling knife.



The grommets are separate and can be found on a fret of brass. Tie and locking pins, as well as buckles, are presented on etched stainless steel and it is the latter that caters for the threaded straps. This may seem like tricky work but the instructions let you know exactly how it should be done.


RB-P32017 1/32 scale Sutton A Harness

This is the harness seen on some late-war British WWI types as well as those leading up to WWII. It was also found on many Soviet Second World War fighters and even seen in some Polish aircraft.



Note that the supplied straps feature the 6-hole layout for those that require this very rare pattern. To model the more usual 5-hole configuration, one merely has to cut off the last puncture.



The shoulder straps have been given a length that is long enough to allow the modeller to reproduce a variety of setups.  Simply consult your references to make sure you cut yours correctly.


RB-P32018 1/32 German WWI Seat Belts

These are ideal for most of the single seat German fighters of WWI.



The advantage of this set is that horizontal link that keeps the shoulder straps from parting is adjustable...just like on the real harness.



The paper straps in all of these releases can be painted, weathered and then sealed with varnish if required. Although pastels can be used safely, avoid oil washes as these will cause staining. The same is true if “super glue” is used to secure the straps. Contact glues or PVA are the best options.




The advantage of these belts over their photo-etched counterparts is their flexibility. This makes them easier to drape over seats and thus create a more natural look.

Naturally the usual care is needed when cleaning up the photo-etched parts. Be careful when cutting the items from the fret as their size makes them ideal candidates for disappearing into the ether. Operating inside a clear plastic bag could help here.

With the recent spate of kit releases in 1:32 scale these will come in very handy. They are as close to the real thing as we can get at present and it is hard to see how they can be improved upon. As such they are highly recommended.

Thanks to RB Productions for the sample

Text Copyright © 2010 by Rob Baumgartner
Title Image Copyright © 2010 by Tony Bell
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