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Vital Storm Pts.1 & 2
Early Hurricane Collection:
Battle of Britain and Beyond

Aviaeology, 1/72 and 1/48 scales

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description. Scale and Price:

Aviaeology AOD72007.1 Vital Storm Pt. 1 &
AOD72007.2 Vital Storm Part. 2

1/72 scale - $11.89 plus postage
1/48 scale - $15.79 plus postageAviaeology's website.

Contents and Media:

Main decal sheet 190mm x 90mm plus a 97mm x 47mm correction sheet with markings for 10 aircraft each and an A5 sized, 12 page booklet type instruction sheet all in a zip-lock bag.

Review Type:



Interesting subjects well printed with minimum carrier film and perfect register. Bright and dull reds are both supplied.




A well thought out product that clearly understands the needs of the modeller. Not only do we get a quality set of decals but also the information to understand the changes needed to portray the aircraft illustrated.

Reviewed by Glen Porter

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F i r s t L o o k


These are all Mk.I Hurricanes from the Battle of Britain period and beyond. Those aircraft on part 1 are:

  1. Mk. I serialed P3386 and coded JX-B flown by F/L A.V. “Darkie” Clowes of 1 Squadron at Collyweston, August 1940.  This aircraft is in the A pattern of the Temperate Land Scheme.

  2. N2359 is a Mk. I from 17 Squadron coded YB-J and flown by P/O L.W. Stevens at Debdon, July/August 1940. It’s in the same colours as above.

  3. S/L Peter Townsend’s P3845, VY-D, when in command of 85 Squadron at Church Fenton, September 1940, same colours as above except the B pattern.

  4. An all black Mk. I of the same Squadron, pilot unknown, at Gravesend, late 1940 serialed P3119/VY-X.

  5. Two aircraft from 242 Squadron, P2961/LE-A flown by F/O W.L.”Willie” McKnight at Coltshall, December 1940/ January 1941 and N2381/LE-X, pilot unknown, Nantes (France), June 1940. Both aircraft are in the A pattern.

  6. A Mk. I trop, P3731/J of  261 Squadron flown by Sgt F.N. Robertson at Luqa & Ta Qali (Malta), December 1940 in the A pattern Desert scheme.

  7. Last of all, a Mk. I  L1926/DU-J of 312 (Czech) Squadron flown by P/O A. Vasatko at Speke, October 1940 in the B pattern Temperate Land Scheme. 

Those on part 2 are:

  1. Mk. I  flown by F/O V.C. “Woodie” Woodward of 33 Squadron at Fuka in Egypt, October 1940. It’s in the A pattern desert scheme and serialed P3729.

  2. Mk. I serialed P2923, flown by P/O A.G. Lewis from 85 Squadron at Croydon, June/July 1940. Coded VY-R, its in the A pattern of the temperate land scheme.

  3. Three different periods of the same aircraft flown by F/L I “Widge” Gleed of 87 Squadron at Exeter, June/July 1940, Exeter, August/October 1940 and Colerne, February/ April 1941.

  4. Two alternative versions of P3576 flown by F/L J.B. Nicolson VC of 249 Squadron from Boscombe Down 16th of August 1940. It’s in the B pattern of the Temperate land scheme, coded GN-A with optional Fuselage roundel and fin flash.

  5. Another trop Mk. I, this time shared by F/L J.A.F. Maclachlan and Sgt F.N. Robertson of 261 Squadron, at Luqa and Ta Qali (Malta), November 1940 and February 1941. It’s in the B pattern Desert scheme serialed V7474 with the aircraft letter V.

  6. Last of all on this sheet, a Mk. I coded NN-D serialed P3143 and flown by F/L V Bergman of 310 Czech Squadron at Duxford, September/October 1940. 



C o n c l u s i o n


Airfix’s 1/72nd scale Hurricane Mk. I has a very good shape but lacks some detail. Hasagawa’s Mk. I is the exact opposite, reasonable detail but some shape issues. Dragon has announced a Mk. I for later this year, hopfully and if their Meatbox is anything to go by it should be good.

Either way, with this new release, there is no shortage of decal options!

Review Sample Compliments of Aviaeology


Review Text and Images Copyright 2011 by Glen Porter
This Page Created on 20 April, 2011
Last updated 20 April, 2011

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