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Mogin's Maulers!
P-47s of the 362nd FG

BarracudaCals, 1/72 & 1/48 scales

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BarracudaCals Item Nos.

BC72038 1/72 Mogin's Maulers! P-47s of the 362nd FG


BC48039 1/48 Mogin's Maulers! P-47s of the 362nd FG




Contents & Media:

Decals plus placement guide.


Each USD$9.95 available online from Barracuda Studios
and will be available from Hannants from £6.25

Review Type:

First Look


Excellent production quality and amazing attention to detail.




Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Vincent Kermorgant

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F i r s t L o o k


60 years ago, thousands of freshly trained US pilots crossed the atlantic ocean to form what was to be the largest air armada ever amassed. One of the unique feature of these young men was that most were conscripts, bringing with them talents they had acquired during their civil years.

One of these men was George Rarey, a very talented cartoonist and illustrator turned P-47 pilot. Rarey's talent was just too big to be put on hold for the entire war and he naturally started to sketch his day to day experiences, also producing some of the most stunning fighter nose arts while in England

Rarey got married before his dispatch, fathering a son that he sadly never met, having been killed in action on June 27th 1944 over Normandy.

Rarey's sketches were first published online by his son Rarey and then served as the basis of the book "Laughter and Tears" he authored in 1996.

Ever since i discovered his story and bought the book, i have been fascinated by the beautiful nose arts he created, his own's airplane "Damon's deamon" being my personal favorite.

A first decal sheet for this airplane and few other from the group was done by Chris Bucholtz for the IMPS 1998 convention but these are no longer availables.

Here come Roy Sutherlands and Barracuda Studios to the rescue. Using Chris's research as the basis and new material uncovered since 1998, he proposes us a new P-47 decal sheet dedicated to planes of the 362nd Fighter Group, known as the "Mogin's Maulers"

  1. P-47D-21-RE 42-25518 B8*B “Damon’s Demon," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF. Flown by Capt. George Rarey, Based at Headcorn, England, June 1944

  2. P-47D-27-RE 42-27215 B8*T “1950”/”Super Rabbit," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, Flown by Lt. Ralph Sallee, Based at Etain, France, December 1944

  3. P-47D-30-RE 44-20425 B8*W “Kentucky Colonel," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, Flown by Capt. Wilfred Crutchfield, Based at Etain, France, January, 1945

  4. P-47D-30-RA 44-33287 B8*A “5 By 5," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, flown by Col. Joseph Laughlin, Based at Etain, France, March 1945

  5. P-47D-30-RE 44-20413 B8*Y “Bonnie Lynn," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, flown by Lt. Gene Martin, Based at Illesham, Germany, April 1945

All the a/c have been meticulously researched and full markings are provided for each a/c. Barracuda studios provides a full set of stencils and national markings, enough for one a/c. So while all a/c can be modelled with the sheet, the modeller will have to source elsewhere these missing items.

Decals have been printed by Cartograph in Italy and exhibit their usual quality. Colors are gorgeous and markings are perfectly registered. Applying them should present no challenge and they should blend flawlessly.



C o n c l u s i o n


What else to say ? Visit the 362nd FG Facebook page to see incredible photos and stories about the a/c depicted on the sheet : http://www.facebook.com/362ndFighterGroup

Highly recommended, as all Barrucada Studios products !

Thanks to BarracudaCals for this sample.

Text Copyright 2012 by Vincent Kermorgant
This Page Created on 2 October, 2011
Last updated 2 October, 2012

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