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Trumpeter's 1/48 scale
Supermarine Attacker FB.2

by Brett Green

Supermarine Attacker FB.2
800 NAS, HMS Eagle, Spring 1954

Trumpeter's 1/48 scale Supermarine Attacker F.1 is available online from Squadron




Here is my 1/48 scale Trumpeter Supermarine Attacker F.1 converted (very simply) to an FB.2.

This was a bit of a last-minute impulse build.



It is generally a very nice kit featuring good fit and the most restrained surface detail that I have seen on a Trumpeter kit.

The main problem areas are the horizontal tail planes, which are too low on the fuselage - quite obvious when comparing to reference photos - and the forward rake and toe-in of the main undercarriage.



I used a Classic Airframes Attacker (bought bagged for $14.00 in 2011) as a detail set for the larger main wheels, antennae, stencil decals and a few other details. The late-style canopy is the spare from the Falcon vac form kit, while the Martin Baker Mk.2 ejection seat is the out-of-production Cutting Edge resin item.

Markings were sourced from Xtradecal Item No. X48-117 – Supermarine Spiteful and Attacker. The sizes and fonts are a vast improvement over the kit decals.



Construction and finishing of this model will be described in Issue 25 of ADH Publishing's newest model magazine, "Military Illustrated Modeller".

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It may also be ordered online directly from the Military Illustrated Modeller website.

The electronic version is also available for iPad, iPod, Mac, PC and Android devices.

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Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2013 by Brett Green
Page Created 25 March, 2013
Last Updated 25 March, 2013

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