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F-16 Fuel Tank Set

Attack Squadron, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number

Attack Squadron Item No. 72006 - F-16 Fuel Tank Set

Contents and media

5 resin tanks




 €10.00 + postage available online from ADALBERTUS

Review Type

First Look


Nice single piece tanks with no seams to clean up


The 220 Gal tanks actually look like MXU-648 Travel pods.


Nice fine detail in resin. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Phil Parsons

Eduard's 1/48 scale R-73 / AA-11 Archer is available online from Squadron.com




Modern fighters these days have most of their accoutrements slung externally, and the F-16 lightweight fighter is no different. These days the external pylons carry weapons or the other aviation essential, fuel.





This set comes in a zip locked bag within the end opening box from the Polish modelling company “Attack Squadron”.



Upon opening the box you are presented with 5 very nicely moulded tanks; with 2 standard 370 gallon tanks (the rear fins dislodged in transit on the review set) and I have seen many images that show a reinforcing strip on the port lower side. With the rear fins being very thin and delicate in 1/72 scale, Photo Etch may be a better solution.



The 300 gallon Centreline looks great and finally the 2 x 220 Gallon tanks. I believe the F-16 only has three wet pylons (able to take fuel tanks), and from my background, I’m 99% sure that the two smaller pods are MXU-648 travel pods that the USAF use on most of their aircraft.



F-16 models from Kinetic, contain the larger 600 gallon tanks used by the Israeli’s. Attack Squadron set contains correct tanks for US, Polish, Greek and other countries that operate the F-16.





Nice simple solutions, lovely moulded detail, highly recommended.

Thans to ADALBERTUS  and Attack Squadron for the review sample.

Review Text Copyright 2012 by Phil Parsons
Page Created 31 December, 2012
Last updated 2 January, 2013

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