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SAAB J29A/B Tunnan Photoetch Detail Set

Maestro Models, 1/72 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Maestro Models Item No. MMP7229 - SAAB J29A/B Tunnan Photoetch Detail Set


Each set is available from the Maestro Models website



Contents & Media

1 pre painted photo etch fret with ~40 items, 1 double sided A4 instruction sheet

Review Type:

First Look.


Well detailed replacement for kit parts




A good quantity of photo etch that doesn’t provide superfluous details. Recommended

Reviewed by Michael Drover

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Though the kit instructions suggest that this set is for the Rebell Hobby Tunnan that only 1/72 J29 A/B Tunnan is the Tarangus kit. As Maestro is also a Swedish manufacturer I’ll make the leap and assume that this is for the Tarangus kit. It’s better to beg for forgiveness now…right? !



Looking suspiciously like an Eduard produced product (and manufactured in the Czech Republic) this exquisite etch set provides some useful replacement items rather than a full gamut of superfluous items that you may question their
usefulness. This set provides a helpful serve of pre painted etch that addresses key areas of the model. A well appointed cockpit will result as most of the interior is gutted and replaced with the etch items. The prepainted instrument panel, sidewall and console looks great to the naked eye and will improve the interior. The seat doesn’t miss out. It receives an overhead ejection handle and belts. The rudder pedals also get a dress up with new faces.



The cockpit interior is then finished off with a rear view mirror on the canopy frame and some ancillary item on the cockpit turtle deck.





Moving to the exterior, the nose and main wheel wells receive new door hinges and braces while the main gear legs receive a set of brake lines and calipers. Both main and nose wheel legs also receive new scissor links which will be a welcome replacement to the chunky kit items. Wing fences replace the kit parts which should be a noticeable external difference to the plastic kit parts. !! [insert all images for album]


Thanks to Maestro Models for the review sample..

Review Text and Image Copyright © 2012 by Michael Drover
Page Created 25 July, 2014
Last updated 25 July, 2014

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