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Airfix's 1/48 scale
Gloster Meteor F.8

by Brett Green

Gloster Meteor F.8

Eduard's 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 is available online from Squadron




Here is my Airfix 1/48 scale Meteor F.8, completed today. The model represents an aircraft in service with 77 Sqn. RAAF in January 1955 based at Williamstown NSW.

I made a bit of a rod for my own back by adding the green squares on the horizontal stabs from small pieces cut from painted decal film. The one reference photo I could find was inconclusive, but I thought I could see checks at the trailing edge of the elevators.



Also, the Novascale decals were designed for the Classic Airframes kit and were a bit small for the new Airfix kit, so I had to do a fair amount of adjustment and addition to the fin chequers too. As a result of all this, the decals took about twenty times as long as the spray job!

The kit benefited from Eduard's photo-etched fret for the instrument panel and harness straps. I also used the kit-supplied ADF fairing and added two whip antennae from stretched sprue.

I have heard several people reporting a trouble free build but I felt that I was wrestling with this one some of the time. I had big gaps at the wing roots too.



Despite all this, I am pleased with the result.



I'll be writing my Meteor up in detail for Military Illustrated Modeller magazine (Aircraft Edition), Issue 63.

Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2016 by Brett Green
Page Created 19 May, 2016
Last Updated 20 May, 2016

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