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Boeing Stearman Kaydet

Xtradecal,1/48 scale



Catalogue Number and Price:

Xtradecal Item No. X48168 - Boeing Stearman Kaydet


GBP 6.66 (Export)

GBP 7.99 (EU price) plus shipping available online from Hannants



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals for five subjects plus instructions and notes

Review Type:



High quality decals; perfect for the recent Revell kit; full colour instructions; includes national markings; interesting markings and schemes.




A high quality decal release for an interesting subject. If you like your modelling subjects bright, this is the sheet for you! Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Brett Green

Xtradecal's 1/48 Mosquito Decals will be available online from Squadron.com



Revell released a very nice 1/48 scale Stearman Kaydet kit in 2014.

Xtradecal has now added a number of marking options for modellers buying this kit with a new decal sheet. If you like your modelling subjects bright, this is the sheet for you!



Details are as follows:

  • BuNo 3553/401 USN NAS Corpus Christi 1943 overall yellow with red fuselage band and blue rudder;

  • BuNo 39123/73 US Navy 1944 Yellow wings, fuselage band and tail, silver fuselage.

  • BuNo 29950/241 US Navy NAS Grosse He, MI, USA, Yellow wings with one silver replacement, blue fuselage;

  • Yellow 127 US Army Air Corps 1940 Yellow wings, blue fuselage, red/white striped rudder;

  • 216546 USAAF Kumming, China 1943 Overall Dark Green

  • FJ888 RCAF 36 EFTS RAF Pearce, Alberta, Canada 1942. Overall yellow.

  • Israel AF No 31, Flying School Kfir Sirtain 1953, Overall silver, red fuselage band.

Instructions for the decal sheet are in full colour across one folded A4 and one half A4 sheets. Both side plus upper and lower views are provided for all seven aircraft. Stencils are not included.



Colour notes are supplied, along with model paint callouts for Xtracolor enamels and Xtracrylix acrylics.



The decals are beautifully printed and feature thin carrier film.



This release offers some interesting and colourful options for those building the 1/48 scale Revell Stearman Kaydet.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Hannants for the review sample

Xtradecals are available online from Hannants' website

Review Text Copyright © 2016 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 28 September, 2016
Last updated 28 September, 2016

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