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RS-82 Rockets

RES-IM, 1/32 scale

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RES-IM Item No. 32006 – RS-82 Rockets



Contents & Media

7227 & 7238 have four resin parts and 7230 has three.


Available online from € 6.67 plus shipping available online from RES-IM’s website and specialist hobby retailers worldwide.

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Accurate, detailed and well-cast.


A simple instruction sheet would be welcome.


A finely cast resin alternative to injection moulded RS-82 munitions.

Reviewed by Brad Fallen

Eduard Brassin’s 1/72 M117 Bombs (Late) are available online from Squadron.com



The RS-82 was a Soviet unguided air-to-ground missile from World War II.  It was produced in vast quantities and several versions, with a subtle evolution in shape between earlier and later subtypes. 

This little set from RES-IM Resin Improvement contains eight 1/32 resin RS-82s, and an equal number of fuses in photo-etched brass.  RES-IM has chosen to depict an early version of the RS-82 with a comparatively rounded nose; the resin and brass parts look accurate next to reference photos. 


  • RES-IM /32 scale RS-82 Rockets Review by Brad Fallen: Image
  • RES-IM /32 scale RS-82 Rockets Review by Brad Fallen: Image
  • RES-IM /32 scale RS-82 Rockets Review by Brad Fallen: Image
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The rockets have been well mastered, with delicate fins and mounting rail and fuse attachment points.  Unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably, most of the fuse points had broken off in transit; however these shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate with fine wire. 

Overall casting quality is high, with no warping or air bubbles. Removal of the rockets from their casting block should be a cinch as well.

The photo-etched fuses are tiny and delicate, and will demand careful handling at all stages.  Once maneuvered into position, however, they will add a great touch of realism to the finished rockets.



No mounting rails are provided; you will need to either use what is provided in the kit you’re building, or scratch-build your own.  The ‘Modeling the VVS’ link I have included above will take you to a page that has some excellent plans of the rails as well as a host of information on the rockets themselves.

No instructions are included, although a diagram showing where the fuses should be attached would have been welcome.





I don’t have any 1/32 Soviet aircraft kits I can use for comparison, but I suspect these RES-IM rockets are more finely cast than what can be achieved with injection-moulded plastic.  This is a useful little product that I can highly recommend.

Thanks to Resin Improvement for the review sample.


Review Text & Images Copyright 2017 by Brad Fallen
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Last updated 31 August, 2017

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