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Photo-Etched Update Sets

for Supermarine Attacker FB 1 & 2, FM-2 Wildcat, F-117A, Victor B.2, and the F-15

Shelf Oddity, 1/144 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description & Price:

Shelf Oddity Item Nos.:

SO214414 Supermarine Attacker FB.2 7.00Eur
SO214410 Grumman FM-2 Wildcat 4.50Eur
SO21444 F-117A 9.50Eur
SO21446 F-15 8.50 Eur
SO214412 Victor B.2 7.00Eur

all available online from Shelf Oddity's website

Scale: 1/144
Contents and Media: One photo-etched fret plus instructions.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Great value for money and will provide finer detail to those items that are perhaps, a bit too clunky due to the limitations of the injection moulding process.
Conclusion: These sets take 1/144 aircraft super detailing to a whole new level of finesse and refinement.

Reviewed by Nick Vallender

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F i r s t L o o k



All five of these sets will allow you to add an extraordinary amount of detail to your 1/144 scale aircraft, if you so desire and feel like getting your Opti-visor out!

I'll give a brief description of each fret below. As a side note the instructions are downloadable only from Shelf Oddity's website which my be a problem for some.

SO21444 F-117A Nighthawk



This set is designed to fit the Dragon kit.



It contains; engine exhaust nozzles, intake grills, undercarriage doors, FLIR and DLIR bay windows, and various other grilles and aerials.


SO21446 F-15



This set was designed for the Revell kit, but Shelf Oddity's website states that it will fit most other F-15 kits in this scale. I'm particularly impressed by the instrument panels in this set. A great level of detail to add here considering that the F-15 cockpit is highly visible through the large canopy. The set contains; early (turkey-feather) and late (featherless) PW-F100 engine exhaust nozzles, gear doors and other undercarriage details, F-15A main wheel hubs, top-fuselage vents, missile brackets and rails (to hang some of Shelf Oddity's 1/144 missiles off!), aerials, and finally; essential cockpit details (A/C/E instrument panels, seatbelts, rear-view mirrors, HUD).



I for one will be using this set in one of my upcoming builds.

SO214412 Victor B.2



Designed for the GHW/Pitroad kitset. All external detail here which is fine due to the small size of the cockpit windows in this particular aircraft in 1/144. This set contains; aerials, crew entrance hatch, main undercarriage details, two options of bomb bay aero deflector, vents and splitter plates.

SO214410 Grumman FM-2 Wildcat.



Shelf Oddity states that this set is designed for the Sweet Models kitset, but I suspect it could be made to fit any other FM-2 kit in the same scale. I'm particulary impressed by the tiny instrument panel, seat, and setbelts. Now heres a reason to leave your canopy open!



The rest of the set contains; engine cooling flaps, undercarriage doors, cockpit bulkhead, pitot tube, antennae mast, and horizontal stabiliser hinges!

SO214414 Supermarine Attacker FB.1, and FB.2.



This set is designed or the Miniwings kit. It consists of entirely external detail. The set contains; boundary layer splitter plates and vents, undercarriage doors, main undercarriage details, inlet bleed vents, aerials, and an arrestor hook.



C o n c l u s i o n


These photo-etched sets will give the super-detailers amongst us a chance to take their 1/144 aircraft modelling to a whole new level of finesse and refinement. They will provide useful detail that is unachievable due to the constraints of the injection moulding process. 

They are worthy additions to your kits and I am very happy to recommend them.

Thanks to Shelf Oddity for the images and information

Text Copyright 2017 by Nick Vallender
Images Copyright © 2017 by Shelf Oddity
This Page Created on 6 March, 2017
Last updated 6 March, 2017

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