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244th Sentai Part 3

Lifelike Decals, 1/48 scale

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LifeLike Decals Item No. 48005(R) - 244th Sentai Part 3



Contents & Media:

One full size and two smaller sheet of waterslide decals; colour instructions.


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Lifelike Decals



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First Look.


Offers markings for different Ki-61variants, including the new Tamiya type I-Tei; detailed reference information included; stencil data supplied; decals clearly printed and in register; high quality presentation.




Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Any new release from LifeLike decals is something to look forward to. They research their decals thoroughly, have a happy knack of choosing interesting and colourful subjects, and they always offer comprehensive additional information.

This time around, LifeLike has revised and re-released three sets of 1/48 scale decals originally released in 2003 and covering aircraft of the Japanese 244th Sentai. The majority of these aircraft are Nakajima Ki-61 Heins.

If this rings a bell, that's because Tamiya has just released a brand new 1/48 scale kit of the Ki-61 Hien type I-Tei. Of the eight subjects on this decal sheet, four are for the Tei version - bingo! Of course, they are equally appropriate for the older Hasegawa kits too.

LifeLike's original 244th Sentai decal sets sold out some time ago, so these are very welcome reissues.

The subject of tonight's review is Part 3, Item No. 48-005(R).

One of the eight options are finished in overall natural metal, three have green mottling over bare metal, three are Yellow Green #7 (a shade close to Olive Drab that faded to a Khaki shade) upper surfaces and natural metal below, and one is in Dark Green over natural metal lower surfaces. Three of the aircraft feature an all-red tail.

Details of the specific aircraft are as follows:

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Tei 67. Flown by Teruhiko Kobayashi from Akeno AB in early May of 1945.

  • Ki 100 Otsu flown by Teruhiko Kobayashi from Chofu AB in May 1945.

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Tei 5262. Flown by 2nd LT Yujiro Itakura from Chofu AB in March of 1945.

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Tei Probably of the 159th or 160th Shinbu-tai at Ashiya AB around October 1945.

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Tei 67. Flown by Teruhiko Kobayashi from Chofu AB late December 1944 to early January 1945.

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Otsu (or Hei) 16. Flown by Captain Fumisuke Shono from Chofu AB in February of 1945.

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Hei 88. Flown by Captain Fumisuke Shono from Chofu AB in February of 1945.

  • Ki-61 Hien type 1- Hei 71. Flown by unknown pilot, Soyokaze-tai from Chofu AB late February of 1945.

Four folded A4 pages are included in the resealable plastic bag. The first doubles as the cover and the profile page.

Next up is one double-sided sheet of detailed information on each specific aircraft. Data on colours, markings, operations and pilots are included. A further single sided sheet covers references and a discusssion about the often depicted clover-marked Hien Tei. Reference is wrapped up with a single-sided page on the colours and markings of the 244th Sentai, including speific information about propeller and undercarriage door markings, stencils and more.



The decals are printed by Microscale and appear to be in perfect register. There is a full-sized sheet for the unique markings, with a smaller sheet of national markings, red markings and white numbers, and a third, yet smaller decal sheet with yellow wing leading edge, undercarriage and propeller markings.

This is a high quality release in perfect time for Tamiya's beautiful new 1/48 scale Ki-61-I-Tei.





I have been searching for alternative markings for Tamiya's new 1/48 scale Ki-61 for the last few weeks, but I found that specific information on the Tei type was quite hard to pin down. When these decals arrived, my wishes for reference and alternative markings were answered in one go!

LifeLike's 1/48 scale 244th Sentai Ki-61 decals are throroughly researched, beautifully printed and offer a nice range of options for anyone building the Tamiya or Hasegawa kits.

I see that this instalment has already sold out at Hannants (I'm not surprised - it was my favourite too), so get in while you still can!

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Lifelike Decals for these samples.

Text and Images Copyright 2017 by Brett Green
Page Created 27 January, 2017
Last updated 27 January, 2017

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