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Macchi MC 72

SBS Model, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Item No. SBS Model Kit No. SBS7015 - Macchi MC 72
Contents and Media: 24 grey resin parts; one clear resin part; 16 photoetch parts; one clear acetate instrument film; one very well printed decal sheet for the World Speed Record aircraft together with a colour painting guide.
Scale 1/72
Price: Euro 40 plus shipping available online from SBS Model
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Perfect casting; excellent detail; clever parts breakdown.

Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Luke Pitt

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In the early years of aviation, the Schneider Trophy was to become to that generation what the “space race” was to become to the 1960s generation. Innovation, national pride and the quest for outright speed was the drivers.

The trophy was particularly important to the fields of aircraft aerodynamics and engine design. The result of these endeavors produced some of the best fighters of World War II. The Trophy races ended in 1931 with the Supermarine S.6b recording an average speed of 340mph. The trophy had become a symbol of national pride and as a result, design work on a few aircraft was continued. The ultimate example of this was the Macchl MC 72. The specifications for the aircraft were for the time, cutting edge, for example the revolutionary F AS-6 24 cylinder V-engine could produce more than 2,500 hp and drove two large, coaxial, contra-rotating propellers.

The hugely powerful engine produced vast amounts of heat which demanded a maximum cooling area. Macchi designed the radiators to lie flush with the wing and float surfaces. The wing design was duralumin with a symmetrical biconvex profile, and tail stabilizers of light weight wooden construction. On October 23rd 1934 the resulting aircraft recording an astonishing 440mph., some 100 faster than the S.6b





Every so often jaded model reviewers are quite surprised with review samples they receive.

I have an interest in 1930s era floatplanes and have over the years collected (and then disposed of ) the Airoplast, Smer and Essdale 1/72 scale¬†examples. All of those kits in my view didn’t quite capture the look or required too much work to make them a worthwhile building proposition.

This new kit rom SBS Model renders all other kits produced in 1/72 scale redundant.


  • SBS Model Kit No. SBS7015 - Macchi MC 72 Review by Luke Pitt: Image
  • SBS Model Kit No. SBS7015 - Macchi MC 72 Review by Luke Pitt: Image
  • SBS Model Kit No. SBS7015 - Macchi MC 72 Review by Luke Pitt: Image
  • SBS Model Kit No. SBS7015 - Macchi MC 72 Review by Luke Pitt: Image
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The kit consists of just 24 resin parts 16 photoetch and one clear acetate instrument film, one very well printed decal sheet is provided for the “World Speed Record” aircraft, together with a colour painting guide.



The detail on this kit is extreme. The flush radiators on the wings and floats for example would be extraordinary for a 1/16 scale kit let alone a 1/72 scale one.



All of the kit exhibits this level of detail.

The kit scales out accurately to the drawings I had on hand and the crystal clear canopy is a masterstroke as it is both accurate and thin.



The trailing edges are very thin and a fully detailed cockpit is provided for.





If you model 1/72 scale aircraft and have an interest in this aircraft I suggest you purchase this kit.

It requires nothing in the way of aftermarket, is extremely well detailed, is easy to build and to be honest with you, almost impossible to be bettered in the foreseeable future.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to SBS Model for the samples

Review Text Copyright © 2017 by Luke Pitt
Images Copyright © 2017 by Brett Green
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Last updated 1 August, 2017

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