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RAF 1945-1950 Part 1

Blackbird Models, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description and Price

Blackbird Models Item No. BMD72029 - RAF 1945-1950 Part 1

GBP £5.00 plus shipping available online from Blackbird Models

Review Type: One decal sheet and instructions.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Perfectly printed; interesting subjects.
Disadvantages: Only one side view for each subject.
Conclusion: A quality decal offering for post-war RAF fans.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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I am reviewing a decal sheet from Blackbird Models. This is Item No. BMD72029 – RAF 1945-1950 Part 1

The three subjects are as follows:

  • Lincoln BII RE385, DX-F of 57 Sqn in 1946 finished in standard Night Bomber scheme of DE/DG over Night. NB: the underwing serials are not shown in the side view and I believe that the yellow outer ring for the fuselage roundel is too narrow when compared to the photo of the aircraft on the rear of the sheet. Reference is Warpaint 34 on the Lincoln.

  • NA Mustang IV KH727, DV-J of 93 Sqn, in Italy 1946 Overall NMF with OD anti-glare panel and traces of camouflage on tail.Reference is to ‘On Target Profile No.2  RAF & Commonwealth Mustangs’

  • Spitfire PRXIX PM574, no codes of 681 Sqn in Burma 1946 in overall aluminium. NB: there appear to be extra roundels as the sheet says four are needed but six are provided.  Reference is to ‘On Target Profile No.8 PR Spitfires’.

The decals are gloss finished with minimal film, thin and with great colour density and register, even on the tiny multi-coloured insignia. The placement information is in colour on both sides of an A4 sheet. No protective waxed sheets are included so Blackbird obviously have confidence in the quality of their inks. Suggested kits and the reference for the scheme and information is given for each subject.



Notes on how to apply the decals show a wry sense of humour, hence they begin with “OK, you’ve probably built plenty of models and this is teaching you to suck eggs, but for those of you who haven’t used aftermarket decals before, here goes!”

The downside is that each choice is only illustrated by a single side view and no indication is given of the decal placement on the upper or lower surfaces or on the other side of the aeroplane. This creates challenges with squadron code arrangements as most RAF/RN aircraft have the two squadron ID letters towards the front of the aircraft, forward of the roundels on each side of the fuselage. Blackbird is assuming the modeller has sufficient reference or knowledge to manage this. I still believe that 3-view illustrations are needed by most modellers.

Thanks to Blackbird Models for the sample.

Review Text Copyright 2019 by Graham Carter
Page Created 29 July, 2019
Last updated 29 July, 2019

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