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Furball Aero Design
July 2019 Decal Preview

1/48 & 1/72 scales

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Furball Aero Design has sent information about their newest releases, available now from their website:

Hello Friends of Furball! 

We are pleased to announce our latest decal releases. For this round we have two new 1/48 sets, 2 reprints of previously sold out 1/48 sets, 1 new 1/72 set, as well as 1 new vinyl set.

Here’s what new:

“Colors and Markings of US Navy F-14s Part VIII” (F/D&S-4816)

“Colors and Markings of US Navy F-14s Part VIII” (F/D&S-4816). Using the excellent references available to us from our friends at Detail & Scale, we continue to crank out another F-14 set for the incredible 1/48 Tamiya F-14. This time we tackle ten different overall Gull Gray Tomcats from the 1980s:

  • VF-1, F-14A 161274, NE-100, USS Kittyhawk, 1983. (Wolfpack CAG jet with black markings)

  • VF-2, F-14A 161443, NE-200, USS Ranger, 1987. (Bounty Hunters’ CAG jet with gray markings and small full color skull insignia on the tail)

  • VF-11, F-14A 161855, AE-111, USS Forrestal, 1987. (Red Rippers’ line jet with large Battle “E” and Safety “S” on the rudders) 

  • VF-11, F-14A 161855, AE-101, USS Forrestal, 1990. (Red Rippers’ CO jet with rare “Boars Head” markings on the nose

  • VF-14, F-14A 162691, AC-101, USS John F. Kennedy, 1989. (Tophatters’ CO jet with 70th Anniversary markings)

  • VF-24, F-14 159593, NG-200, USS Constellation, 1982. (Renegades’ CAG jet with gloss black tails with red markings)

  • VF-102, F-14A 162704, AB-102, USS America, 1991. (Diamondbacks’ CO jet with full color tail markings)

  • VF-101, F-14A 161855, AD-154, NAS Oceana, 1986. (Grim Reapers’ jet with special 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation tail markings)

  • VF-142, F-14A 162699, AG-201, USS Eisenhower, 1987. (Ghostriders’ CO jet “Reaper” logo on the tails

  • VF-194, F-14A 161270 (TARPS), NM-201, NAS Miramar, 1988 (Rare Red Lightnings’ CO jet with “Playing Card” insignia on the tail.

A large insert sheet for the stencils is provided so that 2 complete models can be built using this set. 

It retails for $25.99


“Colors and Markings of USAF 102As (F/D&S-4817)

“Colors and Markings of USAF 102As (F/D&S-4817). Another collaboration project with our pals at Detail & Scale, this set covers options for 8 USAF F-102As in 1/48 scale:

  • 460th FIS, F-102A 57-0907, Portland IAP, 1962. (Squadron CO jet with black and yellow command stripes and large tiger squadron logo on the tail)

  • 4th FIS, F-102A 56-0960, Misawa AB, Japan, 1961. (Squadron CO jet with red and black command stripes, red and black checker tail markings, “Red Tailed Rascal” on the tail

  • 40th FIS, F-102A 55-3392, YOKOTA AB, Japan, 1962 (large devil insignia on tail with “Road Runner II Beep Beep” titling on the right side of the nose

  • 431st FIS, F-102A 56-1006, Zaragoza AB, Spain, 1962. (Squadron CO jet with red and white command stripes)

  • 32nd FIS, F-102A 56-1032, Soesterberg AB, The Netherlands, 1966. (Squadron CO jet with red, white, and blue command stripes and William Tell gunnery meet markings

  • 525th FIS, F-102A 56-1130, Bitburg AB, Germany, 1961. Blue & white tail flashes with Bull Dog squadron insignia

  • 317th FIS, F-102A 56-1272, Elmendorf AFB, 1963. High visibility scheme with orange wings and tail. Special William Tell markings on the nose.

  • 509th FIS, F-102A 56-1436, Republic of Vietnam, 1969. South East Asia paint scheme with black and yellow squadron CO command stripes.

  • This set includes a large stencil insert sheet with enough decals to build 2 complete models. This set retails for $$25.99


“Colors and Markings of US Navy F-14s Part I” (F/D&S-7201)

Next up we have a scaled down version of our extremely popular “Colors and Markings of US Navy F-14s Part I” (F/D&S-7201). This set includes complete coverage of all 4 aircraft involved in both 'Gulf of Sidra Incidents' as well as seven other VF-32 & VF-41 F-14A Tomcats. Two complete models can be built out of the 11 options provided. Here's a rundown of the aircraft covered:

  • VF-32 F-14A 159016, “AE 201”, USS INDEPENDENCE, 1983 (Hi-Viz CO)

  • VF-32 F-14A 159462, “AE 205”, USS INDEPENDENCE, 1983 (Lo-Viz)

  • VF-32 F-14A 159610, “AC 207”, USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1989 (MIG-23 Killer)

  • VF-32 F-14A 159473, “AC 202”, USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1989 (MIG-23 Killer)

  • VF-32 F-14A 162701, “AC 200”, USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1990 (Hi-Viz CAG)

  • VF-41 F-14A 160403, “AJ 102”, USS NIMITZ, 1981 (SU-22 Killer day of the shootdown)

  • VF-41 F-14A 160403, “AJ 101”, USS NIMITZ, 1982 (SU-22 Killer post shootdown)

  • VF-41 F-14A 160390, “AJ 107”, USS NIMITZ, 1981 (SU-22 Killer day of the shootdown)

  • VF-41 F-14A 160390, “AJ 107”, USS NIMITZ, 1982 (SU-22 Killer post shootdown)

  • VF-41 F-14A 160395, “AJ 100”, USS NIMITZ, 1982 (CAG)

  • VF-41 F-14A 162703, “AJ 100”, USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, 1993 (Hi-Viz CO) 

This set retails for $16.99


Vietnam A-6 Intruder. 48-025 'Iron Tadpoles'

Next we have a reprint of our Vietnam A-6 Intruder set. 48-025 'Iron Tadpoles' covers 14 A-6As and 1 A-6B Intruder from the Vietnam War. The decals are optimized to work with the Hobby Boss Intruder kit, although they should be adaptable for use with other kits as well. Enough stencils and data are provided to make 2 complete models. The aircraft depicted on this sheet include:

  • VA-35, A-6A 152597, NG-506, USS ENTERPRISE 1966 

  • VA-35, A-6A 152637, NL-502, USS CORAL SEA 1969

  • VA-52, A-6A 154133, NL-401, USS CORAL SEA 1968

  • VA-75, A-6A 151583, AG-506, USS INDEPENDENCE JULY 1965

  • VA-75, A-6A 151585, AG-512, USS INDEPENDENCE LATE 1965

  • VA-85, A-6A 151803, NH-810, USS KITTY HAWK 1965

  • VA-85, A-6A 154131, AE-512, USS AMERICA 1968 

  • VA-95, A-6A 154136, NL-503, USS CORAL SEA 1973

  • VA-115, A-6A 154133, NF-502, USS MIDWAY 1971

  • VA-145, A-6A 152626, NG-501, USS ENTERPRISE 1969

  • VA-145, A-6A 155715, NE-505, USS RANGER 1972

  • VA-165, A-6A 155642, NG-501, USS CONSTELLATION 1972

  • VA-196, A-6A 155601, NK-501, USS ENTERPRISE 1972

  • VA-196, A-6B 151562, NK-505, USS ENTERPRISE 1972

  • VMA (AW) 224, A-6A 155646, NL-501, USS CORAL SEA 1972

This set retails for $25.99

“Man-Eater SLUFs' (48-017)

We gotten a good amount of requests to reprint “Man-Eater SLUFs' (48-017). Now the wait is over. This set covers 9 USAF A-7D Corsairs in 1/48 scale. Each aircraft depicted has striking 'Flying Tiger' style shark teeth painted on their intakes. The aircraft covered include: 

  • A-7D 72-0239, 354 TFS, 355TFW, 'DM 239' 1978

  • A-7D 72-0229, 357 TFS, 355 TFW, 'DM 229' 1978

  • A-7D 70-0988, 3 TFS, 388 TFW, 'JH 988' Korat RTAB 1972 

  • A-7D 71-0354, 354 TFW Wing King, 'MB 354' Korat RTAB December 1972 & June 1973 (short-live 'Molar Mauler' scheme)

  • A-7D 72-0223, 23 TFW Wing King 'EL 223' 1981 

  • A-7D 72-0179, 74 TFS, 23 TFW 'EL 179' 1980 

  • A-7D 71-0329, 75 TFS, 23 TFW 'EL 329' 1980

  • A-7D 72-0195, 76 TFS, 23 TFW 'EL 195' 1980

Enough stencil data is included to build 2 complete models as well as markings for 12 MK 82s and 2 ALQ-119 ECM pods.

This set retails for $19.99

Lastly, we have Vinyl Adhesive Tail Stiffener Plates (FVD48-001) for the Tamiya F-14A Tomcat. This set provides tail stiffener plates reproduced in adhesive vinyl to upgrade the Tamiya F-14A.

This set retails for $6.99.

Please visit our website for more details and product images:


Thanks for your patronage!

-The Furball Team

Text and Images Copyright 2017 by Furrball Aero Design
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Last updated 19 February, 2018

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