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UH-1D/Hs in Vietnam and Beyond

Werner's Wings,1/48 scale


Catalogue Number and Price:

Werner's Wings Item No. 48-16 - UH-1D/Hs in Vietnam and Beyond


USD$20 plus shipping available online from Werner's Wings website



Contents and Media:

1 x A5 decal sheet and 3 x A4 double sided glossy papered notes and aircraft profiles.

Review Type:



Decals in perfect register, great schemes from several different operators.




Werner’s Wings has continued to give us products to enable a wealth of schemes for the venerable Huey D/H/V versions.

Reviewed by David Couche

Xtradecal's 1/48 P-51 Mustang Collection will be available online from Squadron.com



Last year I reviewed the Werner’s Wings Ride of the Valkyries UH-1D/H decals which was a comprehensive set of 13 different aircraft from the Vietnam War. Now Floyd has produced a further set which has increased to 22 different schemes of which 11 are from the Vietnam era and the remainder from many varied periods of time up to 2011.



These decals are normally printed by Microscale and although not mentioned on the sheet I would presume this set is as well. Careful checking of the sheet shows no flaws and perfect register.



The colours are bold, and all decals are crisp and clear. Werner’s Wings have stated that these decals are suitable for any UH-1D/H model kit in 1/48 which is handy to know.



The instruction sheets consist of 3 A4 double sided glossy sheets printed in colour. As usual, a good deal of notes are supplied explaining modifications for Hueys, notes on their service in the US Army and individual notes for each of the schemes where appropriate.


  • Werner's Wings Vietnam and Beyond Decals Review by David Couche: Image
  • Werner's Wings Vietnam and Beyond Decals Review by David Couche: Image
  • Werner's Wings Vietnam and Beyond Decals Review by David Couche: Image
  • Werner's Wings Vietnam and Beyond Decals Review by David Couche: Image
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The 22 schemes are;

  1. UH-1H, 69-15897, 3rd Sqd, 5th Cav Reg, 1971

  2. UH-1H, 15609, 215th HS 62nd TW, Nha-Trang AFB, 1974

  3. UH-1D, XW-PFH, Air America, 1968

  4. UH-1H, 69-15527, 116th AHC, 1971

  5. UH-1H, 69-15739, 3/17th Cav, 1971

  6. UH-1H, 68-16340, 174th AHC, 1971

  7. UH-1H, 69-17679, 48th AHC, 1972

  8. UH-1H, 69-17795, 195th ANC, 1970

  9. UH-1H, VNAF, 1975

  10. UH-1H, VNAF, 1975

  11. UH-1H, 66-16488, 187th AHC, 1971

  12. UH-1V, 69-15271, 92 AHC, Ft Rucker, 2004

  13. UH-1V, 71-20204, 348th MED DET, 1991

  14. UH-1V, 71-20255, Medical Co (Air Ambulance), 2003

  15. UH-1H, 73-21670, 1st Air Cav, 1978

  16. UH-1D, 65-10013, Ft. Rucker, 1985

  17. UH-1D, 13584, HT-8, 1968

  18. UH-1H, 66-17118, MNFO, 1993

  19. UH-1H, 70-16315, CCAD, 2007

  20. UH-1H, 74-22465, Hohenfels OPFOR, 2011

  21. UH-1H, 74-22330, Hohenfels Falcon OC, 2011

  22. UH-1H, 73-22127, 1sy Sqd, 1st Cav Reg, 1st Armored Div, Buedingen, Germany, 1994





These sets enable us to model more options for UH-1D/H schemes. Between this set and the previous set, if you can’t find a great Huey scheme then I don’t know what you want. Knowing of Floyd Werner’s involvement with the UH1-D/H in the services, you can be assured of the accuracy of the sets.

I thought I had chosen the scheme for my Huey build but this set has just added some doubts.  

A most comprehensive decal set which I would highly recommend to Huey model builders.

Thanks to Werner's Wings for the sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2019 by David Couche
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Last updated 19 June, 2019

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