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Marine Phantom II T-Shirt


Willy Peeters




Hi All,

First, I like to thank all of you who ordered my other Phantom T-shirt AND my Tomcat T-shirt.
I hope you all received them and are enjoying them.

Because of the obvious success of those two shirts and because Marine Corps fans may have felt left out, I have been toying with a new design which turned out pretty nice as well.

Now, before I commit to spending a lot of money and having them printed, I like to test the water again and see if there is enough interest to have them printed.

I have not submitted a sample for price quote yet to my printer, but I'm guessing the price will be around $25 again, like my previous shirts.

Again, the design is not finalized so changes can still be made although I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks now.

Because of the 4-color process involved to print my art they will be available in white only.

I looked into other colors but that requires a different print process which I deem far to expensive.

Feel free to email me at wapeet@msn.com if you are interested in purchasing one or more of these if the ever get printed.


Willy Peeters