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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2

by Larry Goodell


Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 W.Nr. 6674
Hptm. Heinz Bretnutz, Gruppenkommandeur II/JG 53, 
St. Omer-Arques France, May, 1941





Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2, W.Nr. 6674, was flown by Hptm. Heinz Bretnutz, Gruppenkommandeur II/JG 53, St. Omer-Arques airbase, France during May, 1941. 

This is Hasegawa's 1/48 scale kit built with Verlinden's G-2 update resin and photo-etch set. The resin G-2 cockpit tub was backdated to the "F" series mainly at the seat by cutting away the vertical sides and reshaping to a more bucket style like that of the Emil. An Aries mini photo set for the F was used for details missing from the Verlinden set to further complete the "F" configuration in the cockpit. The harness was fixed to the bottom rear of the seat and came up to drape over a bar fixed to the top of the blk'hd behind the seat. The Aires set also provided the stiffeners for the insides of the radiator flaps. Gauges are from Monogram's German instrument decal set and the fuel line is electrical wire.



The kit control surfaces were cut away and the Verlinden controls added and positioned. I decided to go with neutral for the aileron positions and the rudder pedals are offset with the rudder. The update also carries a beautiful photo-etch sprue that includes the front radiator doors. The kit parts are cut out and the brass is folded and glued into place. This adds a nice touch, as in a a lot of photos, these doors are usually open, or dropped down. Verlinden provides nicely detailed resin radiators in this set along with everything you need to open up your Schmitt if you dare. I'm saving mine! Unique to the F series 109 is the presence of hollow upper radiator flaps. I replicated this with .003 brass Shim in a Can. A flat panel in the shape of the flap was cut out with a pair of small scissors. The part is cut leaving just about 1/32 of an inch overhang to each side. This is then formed using two X-acto knives to break up the edges forming a shallow channel. This glued under the top flap looks quite convincing along with the brass stiffeners applied to the bottom flaps.



After bringing all the major components together I added the update resin exhausts and brass exhaust shrouds. Fine solder was used for the brake lines and True Details wheels were added to the kit struts. 

The model was sprayed with AeroMaster 76 on the bottom and sides, with 02 , 71 applied to the upper surfaces. Slight overexposure tends to make the 02 seem 79ish in the photos. OOPS ! AeroMaster Bf-109s of JG 53 decal set no. 48-227 were applied over A/M clear gloss enamel. The model was Dul-Coted and weathered with an umber wash and light gray pastels. The canopy framing was replicated with 71 painted decal sheet and the telescopic sight is stretched clear sprue. The antenna wire and canopy tension cable is stretched sprue, while the tensioning spring is superfine wire formed by coiling around a needle.

My efforts were rewarded with a First Place plaque at the IPMS Space Coast Model Club MODELFEST 2000 in Titusville, FL

Model, Text and Images Copyright 2000 by Larry Goodell
Page Created 23 October, 2000
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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