Fw 190D-9

Two Models
by Eric Larger

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9
JV 44

Eric has scanned some photos of two of his 1/48th Fw 190D-9s. This short Photo Feature displays ten images of these great models...


" R e d    1 3 "   -   J V   4 4


The first model is the Trimaster Fw190D-9 .

It was built straight from the box except Eduard photoetched parts, and depicts an aircraft from JV 44 . The paint used is X-tra color and the decals are sourced from Experten. The undersides are painted with airbrush and masked with frisket sheet. The scale model received a 1/3 glossy varnish + 2/3 mat varnish cover except the propeller that received a matt varnish - of course the prop blades were wooden!

The revetment is the "old" Verlinden set, painted with a mixture of matt Humbrol paints. I just added vegetation .

The photos are taken outside with a white sheet behind.



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" R e d    4 "   -   8 .   I I / J G 3 0 1



The second model was built for a man I know who piloted this aircraft one time . His name is Helmut P. Rix and he belonged to II/JG301 (8th Staffel) . He was shot down and wounded during his first combat mission on March 2nd 1945. He survived and now lives in the UK .

The colours and markings for this model were based on his recollections . He remembered the spinner (black with white spiral), the type and color of the individual number (red 4), the tail band (yellow/red with a second group bar) and that the fuselage mottled with grey.

This is the Trimaster kit enhanced with the Verlinden FW190F8 detail set. I removed some panels and detailed the interior of the fuselage . I also detailed the engine compartment and the gun bay.

The crosses, swastikas, individual number and tail band are painted with masks and airbrush. Traces of fuel and additional weathering are done with oil paint.

The two figures are Verlinden. One has been modified .

The revetment is hand made with balsa .



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