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Douglas Skyraider

by Franck Oudin







I decided to build Tamiya's 1/48 scale Skyraider in USAF Vietnam colors because I thought the Navy version was a little boring. 



I enjoy a challenging paint scheme, and the modifications to convert the Navy version to a USAF aircraft were minimal. 





I used the KMC Skyraider update and was pleased to find that the fit was very good. I did not have to modify anything to insert the resin cockpit. I also used an Eduard photoetched set for this kit. 



There is not much else to say about construction as it was very straightforward, presenting no problems at all. I glued all the resin parts with 5 min epoxy glue. This glue creates a more solid bond than superglue.



Painting, Decals and Weathering


I painted the entire aircraft with an aluminium base coat and then painted the underwing and the the 3 colors on the top. The entire aircraft is painted freehand with a single action airbrush using Gunze acrylics.

I used an Aeromaster decal sheet to decorate this model. My subject was called "Little Annie Fanny". I applied an enamels wash to the panel lines. The exhaust stains are a mix of 3 differents colors, heavily diluted (90%) - soot, brown and light grey.



When the model was finished it was post shaded with Sail Colour from Gunze again very diluted. 

My only minor criticism about the kit itself is that you have to glue the wheel bay doors before painting, so there a bit more masking, but this is not really a big problem.





I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit and I will certainly build another one. I was amazed by the size of the single engine aircraft, particularly compared to something like a Messerschmitt Bf 109. So now back to WWII models with a Trimaster FW190 D-9 - but what scheme? There is so much choice, only time will tell!

A special thank you to Richard A. Ellis for his very good knowledge of the colors markings, and his help throughout this project.



A d d i t i o n a l   I m a g e s


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Text and Images Copyright 2000 by Franck Oudin
Page Created 14 June, 2000
Last updated 26 July, 2007

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