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Albatros DV/DVa

by Mark W. Miller


Albatros DVa


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My intent with this project was to model the Albatros, inside and out, down to bolt level detail. 

Currently I am about 90% done. I still need to finish the internal structures in the tail, rudder and stab, and there's a long list of details which I skipped, but I have enough now to be able to render most of what I want.



The software I'm using is Microstation, which is a CAD application. I'm a technical Illustrator and I've used this software for about 15yrs now - the main reason I started this project is because in all that time I never got a chance to push the software and see what it's capable of. I must admit - It ha been very labor intensive task. But I decided at the beginning that I would spare no effort on this model - and I am pleased with the results so far.



I'm now generating a variety of color schemes so that I can try rendering some formation flying/dogfight scenes.



I started this project about a year ago in conjunction with the Great Albatros Cookup sponsored by the WWI modeling list. 



If you are interested the Cookup site has a many more of these renderings, as well as photos of "physical" models done by other members of the list. Cookup site - http://members.nbci.com/OTprojects/index.html

and the WWI Modelers page - http://www.wwi-models.org/



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Page Created 17 May, 2001
Last Updated 27 May, 2007

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