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Reggiane Re.2001

by Jean Barby


Reggiane Re.2001

images by François Verdu


Classic Airframes' 1/48 scale Re.2001 is available online from Squadron.com




I remember, as a kid already in love with plastic models, when I discovered this lovely Italian bird on the shelves of a big store in Marseilles, France. When Classic Airframe released the "Falcone" in 48th scale: I knew I had to build it!

Documentation on Italian aircraft was scarse until recently, but a wealth of new references have helped me to identify and correct what I consider to be the main mistake of Classic Airframes' otherwise excellent kit.



The wing ailerons are 1 mm too long, and the flaps underneath are completely wrong both in size and outline. They should be separated in the middle line of the airframe by a thin space, and their shape should follow the contour of the fuselage. This design was featured on all the Reggiane figthers from the Re.2000 onward to the Re.2005.



Correcting the Flaps


There is nothing difficult required to correct the error with the flaps. I used super glue to fill the gaps on the ailerons. Plastic card and evergreen strips were employed to build new flaps. These minor tasks will give the modeller some fun on a rainy afternoon

The seat and harness should be replaced too, but I only realised this after the model was finished!

The wheels are from True Details for the  MC 202/Fiat G-50.

The plane is from the 358 Squadiglia, based in Sicily during the Malta struggle.

The pictures were taken by François Verdu from Replic magazine.



Additional Images


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Model and Article Copyright © 2001 by Jean Barby
Images Copyright © 2001 by François Verdu
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Last updated 04 June 2007

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