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Arado Ar 234B-2

by Rafi Ben-Shahar


Arado Ar 234B-2 "Nachtigall"


available online from Squadron.com




Scant evidence exists about this night fighter. It appears though that only one aircraft was modified to fly night missions using airborne radar.

This particular aircraft (WNr 140146) was flown by Hauptmann Kurt Bonow based in Oranienburg during March 1945. It seems that during the last weeks of the War he managed to engage some RAF Mosquito night fighters although he failed to down any of them. Some references mention that a cramped radar compartment in the aft fuselage section (that normally contained aerial cameras) hosted a radar operator to help to zero on enemy aircraft. Others even have a name for the radar operator.


Hobbycraft is the only company to offer an injection model of the Ar 234B-2 at 1:48. It is not a highly detailed kit, but the few parts included fit well together. I made a substantial number of scratch parts and modifications to improve the kit. There is ample literature on the technical features of the Ar 234 from captured aircraft that were tested by the Allies so I did not have to use my imagination.

Many scratch items were included in the cockpit that is exposed by a large amount of glazing. I also added an open engine that I took from a Dragon kit. However, the radar compartment (included in the kit) looked un-realistic in size and I preferred to close the hatch.

In all, it was a nice complementary addition to my ever-growing late War Lufwaffe model aircraft collection.

Model, Images and Text Copyright 2001 by Rafi Ben-Shahar
Page Created 19 September, 2001
Last Updated 19 September, 2001

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