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Fiat G.50

by Paolo Pesaresi


Fiat G.50


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These pictures were published in modeling magazines (Aerei Modellismo, Aeronautica and others) on the cover of  "Grande Atlante del Modellismo Aereo vol II"  and on the book dedicated to the 50° Anniversary of the second World War. You can see these images on the author's site - DREAMWINGS - a very nice modeling personal pages with a lot of interesting links.


This is Secter's 1/48 scale G.50 bis "Freccia" (arrow) a single seated fighter flow by Magg. Mario Bonzano. The aircraft was equipped with two Breda-SAFAT guns of 12.7 mm and the maximum speed was 470 km/h. This aircraft was owned by the 20° Gruppo, 56° Stormo Caccia at Ursel in Belgium (oct19,1940- apr15,1941) and was the personal airplane of Maggiore Bonzano, Comandante (chief) of the 20° Gruppo Caccia. Mag. Bonzano have had under his orders 45 planes of his Gruppo Caccia taking part in the final scenes of Battle of England fighting aside to the Luftwaffe. The 20° gruppo made a total of 662 missions without any aircraft shoot down.



The kit is the Secter model and part of the cockpit, some external details and miscellaneous other things were scratch built and the weathering was made as "operative" with the help of a good number of images taken from books and magazines concerning the original aircraft. The model was airbrushed with enamels and the weathering was made with ink and pastels. 



Italian Version




Velivolo: Fiat G. 50 bis Freccia * Pilota: Magg. Mario Bonzano * Tipo: Caccia monoposto * Velocità max: 470 km/h * Armamento: 2 mitragliatrici Breda-SAFAT da 12.7 mm fisse in caccia * Collocazione: 20° Gruppo, 56° Stormo Caccia - Ursel, Belgio, 19.10.1940 - 15.04.1941.








Profilo Storico:


Velivolo personale del Magg. Mario Bonzano, comandante del 20° Gr. Caccia. Bonzano, alla guida del suo Gruppo di 45 velivoli partecipò, nell'ambito del C.A.I. (Corpo Aereo Italiano) alle fasi finali della famosa “Battaglia d’Inghilterra” a fianco dell'aviazione tedesca. Il 20° gruppo, dalla base operativa di Ursel ubicata in Belgio in totale effettuò 662 sortite senza lamentare alcuna perdita.





Profilo Modellistico:


Kit: Secter


  • Scala: 1/48

  • Modifiche e/o migliorie: Interni migliorati, piccole rifiniture varie interne ed esterne, finitura del modello "operativa" come da foto del velivolo originale presenti in libri e riviste. Colori utilizzati: smalti dati ad aerografo su grandi superfici e a pennello su piccole parti

  • Invecchiamento: utilizzato smalti, inchiostri e matite.




Model, Text and Images Copyright © 2001 by Paolo Pesaresi
Page Created 02 September, 2001
Last Updated 03 September, 2001

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