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Sopwith Triplane

by Patrick Chung


Sopwith Triplane


Eduard's 1/48 scale Sopwith Triplane with Skis is available online from Squadron.com




This is Eduard's 1/48 Sopwith Triplane "Black Maria" (Profipack).

Said to be the first kit released using Eduard's by-now-famous LTM processing technic, the parts are much cleaner and the details more delicate than their early kits. 



I mixed a customised lighter shade of the PC10 and CDL to give yhe model a "scaled look". 

The woodgrain effect on the interplane struts was achieved using sail colour as a base coat and then carefully brushing on heavily thinned brown, gray and black and then a couple of coat of Tamiya's acrylic clear orange and clear red mixture and finally protected with a final coat of clear semi-flat varnish to withstand the following oil colour wash. 



0.1mil monofilamint fishing line was used for rigging wire. It was glued into pre-drilled holes using CA glue applied with the tip of a toothpick.


Model, Text and Images Copyright 2001 by Patrick Chung
Page Created 17 June, 2001
Last Updated 18 July, 2001

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